Placement of exquisite tables for a contemporary living space

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Everything in and around your living space has the focus of a center table because it is that important for your space. This table is a precious piece in your house because firstly, it defines the placement of your furniture and additional chairs and secondly, it is a utility product. It can be used to place your coffee mugs, magazines, flower vase, and decorative pieces. This visual aesthetic is a must for your home and that is why tables are essential. Now, the trick required in placing tables is something unique. Nobody has asked you to pick the same mainstream glass table or wooden table for that matter and place it right in the center of the room. You can be creative as you want to and give your aesthetic sense an alarming call. Wake it up and make the most of it!

This process of turning the living room into the epicenter of the house by curating an epic placement of tables is an interesting thing to do. Look out for these genius ways to pick different tables and place them beautifully-

Two are better than one

There is a reason why two similar looking tables are placed in a living room. They have the utmost charm and appearance. They can be placed adjacent to each other or on two different sides of the sofa for a wider look of the sofa and the whole area. Matching side tables have always been a great alternative to the classical single coffee table because they can be used for multi-purpose then. The former piece often takes less space than a mainstream coffee table in the center and is also a more useful piece than the latter. Moreover, you can shift these tables in front of anyone who has come to your place for comforting them with the mug in hand. Using them side by side whenever required will also give the impression of a single table.

Nesting Tables

Another concept in tables is this gorgeous design of two tables nestled together into each other to show an illusion of one. This table is definitely one of the most gorgeous and modish tables ever because it instantly upgrades the look of a casual living room. Placing this table in the center area is a great way to curate contemporary looks. Moreover, these nesting tables can be sued separately too. The thing about these tables is that they should be placed together in one area for decoration but can be used separately, thus adding to the utility. They are seen stacked one on top of the other and thus, adding to the design element. Using them in different corners will ensure everyone has a comforting table to place their beverages.

Benches are new tables

A new concept in tables is this bench table that upgrades the look of any area in a jiffy. These bench tables are worth the investment because of the fact that each person sitting in your area will have access to this table because of its longevity. Longer, stiffer and with extra utility, this table is definitely on board for being an all-in-one thing. It can easily replace your traditional coffee table and still be as comfortable as the former. You will have more room for placing your snacks, trays as well as decorative items with this rectangular table but with less width. Pick it in fancy colors for the best impression.

Place a trunk

A trunk is a vintage piece of art and has the utmost charm any table can ever have. It has nonetheless utility as well as the perfect looks any room desires. There are so many ways of placing a vintage table in the room. You can use this trunk as a chest and decor item in one corner and similarly, you can place it in the center area for a table-like usage. This will ensure that you have a strong aesthetic sense and you also pay weightage to fancy features of a room. Accessorized with a flower vase and a table runner, this trunk table will ensure a convenient storing space as well as a table for a living area. This antique piece can be easily put to use with your personal skills.

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