Prettify Your Glam Room with these Ideas for the Crucial’s

Prettify Your Glam Room With These Ideas For The Crucial’s

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Don’t we girls love to have a perfect spot in our home, to get dressed up for our routine? It’s a place where, we can admire ourselves, our outfit, our make-up, and our whole self from the top to the bottom. Apart from that, we want to and play with our looks and try on some recently purchased dresses just to flaunt our collection with sisters and friends. Won’t it be great if we get to do all of this in the perfect surrounding? For which you need to create a fabulous dressing room or glam room. Thereby making certain changes with the essence of this room we will help you build a place that will fulfill your needs and ensure the optimal consumption of the space.

Decor Your Glam Room With These Ideas


Mirrors As you know the dresser or the vanity room is just about the correct mirror. Every girl must have around three mirrors in their collection. One is the small frame kind of mirror which you can just hold and apply your makeup observing minute details closely to attain perfection. Second, you need a vanity mirror which will be light up your face. Remember to install daylight bulbs as they give you the natural light so that you can minutely observe how you will look in the daylight. Also whenever someone does makeup in dim light they always don’t blend the products perfectly. The third type of mirror should a full-length mirror in which you could see yourself head to toes. The trick for a full-length mirror is to always hang it on the wall not by placing them slanting against the wall. This will not give you the look you need.


Wardrobe Since it’s the room where you are going to dress thus you need to have a wardrobe. There are so cool wardrobe designs these days. Some have a full length without any shelves where you can hang your maxi dresses. Then we have half division both vertically and horizontally. You get to keep your shoes in the lower section and hang your coats, blazer, and blouses on the upper shelves. If you have a vertical partition than you can store your maxi dress in one corner and use the other corner to hang small skirts, trousers, or mini dresses. Now that you know what sort of wardrobes are out there, choose one that suits your dresses.


Drawers Drawers are the third most important part of the dressing room. Since you have got the storage for the clothing we are left with the makeup and shoes. There come drawers, if you have open drawers then, you can place some of your makeup on the lower shelves by placing them in some jar containers or tray. In the upper half, you can place the shoes. These can be both done together. Make sure that there are covered drawers and open drawers that you can use for display. The covered could be used to store your undergarments or your perfume and bag collection. Shoes and other tiny stuff like lashes, hair clips, etc.


Sitter You must have a seat arrangement in the room, probably in front of the vanity table. So you can get a comfortable chair or a pouf as you like but getting a pouf will not be a good one as the height of the poufs are certainly small. Thus a sitting table or a chair is the best idea for you. Now, if you feel that there is lesser storage in the room then, you must go for the sitting table as you can just adjust some drawers in it or if you found the drawer table them you can add one a sitting cushion to it, make sure you have some big oversize drawers to keep your hair accessories such as curling iron, straighter, and dryer. All three are the basic items every woman has got and you need to place them safely and securely.

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