Redecorate Your Kitchen with a Minimalistic Approach

Redecorate Your Kitchen With A Minimalistic Approach

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As we all know how only the cook in the home takes care of the kitchen but somehow all the members of the family spend some time in the kitchen during their meals of the day, or to grab some water from the fridge. All these make us pass by the kitchen once in a while every single day. However, we tend to ignore the kitchen decor and keep it simple, not at all stylish. Well, for the person who is cooking is showing their creativity and if it’s all boring then how can they experiment in there. There is no inspiration right, so today we have planned to give you all some of the ideas that will enhance the look of the kitchen and bring some brightness to your life.

Tips To Redecorate Your Kitchen

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden Usually, we have a kitchen near the windows, so if your house kitchen is near the window then you must, must install a kitchen garden in your kitchen. Choose the wall where the sunlight falls so that the plants can breathe. Now what, what can be planted in the kitchen, is all the herbs that you can be used for your food. You can get a vertical pot holder and place some small pots inside, lastly adding some plants. Now, why can’t you sow it directly in the bigger or vertical plant holder, firstly the water needs to be drained of the plants and you don’t want it to be flowing on the floor every time you water the plants. Secondly, each plant needs a different amount of water to survive. Some need water every day, some need water in 3-4 days. So take a wise choice.

Eating Board

Eating Board Add an extended shelf to the shelf of your kitchen, leaving some area vacant underneath. This could be your kitchen eating point. You can add a stole to it so that whenever you have your family or sister coming over and you are busy cleaning the kitchen they get a seat to talk to you. If you haven’t got an extended shelf then, you can use the hack of placing a wooden board. Now, to that wooden board, you can add some sitting bar stools. This with incorporates the same look as the extended shelf.

Double Colored Cabinets

Double Colored Cabinets If you have a darker kitchen shelf then, this is what you must do. We all have those similar color cabinets on the upper and lower end of the kitchen. However, if you paint them differently like the lower ones in a somewhat similar color is the shelf marble so that it looks somewhat similar and the upper part in the contrasting color. Suppose you have a white shelf then, you can go for grayish color lower cabinets sort of merging with the upper white and keep the upper one’s pure white. Notice the color of the shelves, think which color will merge in and give a sort of blended look to the kitchen, finally go forth with it.

Minimal Shelf Decor

Minimal Shelf Decor Keeping the shelves neat and clean it just for the kitchen. However, keeping it completely empty gives a bland look to it. So add something to the shelves such as a spice holder, maybe a spoon holder. Something is a must. You shouldn’t just leave it empty. In case you have got open upper cabinets then surely you don’t have to add anything to the shelves. It will just add one more or expose excess of your kitchen stuff. Making it look like too cluttery. Therefore open cabinets must keep the shelves empty.

Open Cabinets

Open Cabinets If you have open cabinets at home then, you must store things on it after certain gaps. Such as, if you have placed a glasses then you can place some cups next to it but you need to place some frying pan or any utensil leave a certain amount of gap and place them. Similarly with the pluses container, if you haven’t placed them in a pantry then, you should place them in a gap. Adding some plants which require water to survive can be vibrant and settling.

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