Refreshing ways to add a pop of color to your room

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As much as we like having crisp white elements in our room, with time, they start to look really basic, mundane and outdated. And that is when you feel the need of adding colors into the room to make it look more lively, cheery and colorful. While we cannot go all out by bursting a splash of colors into the room as this is a big commitment we are talking about but we certainly can make a few changes to our decor and swap them with some colorful and bright colors for that aesthetic touch. To make your room look all bright and cheerful, you don’t have to paint the walls, adding something as little as a bunch of flowers would just do the job. If you’re looking for some refreshing ideas to add a splash of color to the room then you have come to the right place. Without the need of spending too much or putting extra effort, you’ll be able to add a punch of color to your room. We have rounded up a list of some refreshing and cheap ideas that will instantly change the way your room appears.


Whether real or artificial, flowers can work impressively for your space. It is the easiest way to add a pop of color in the room more subtly. Flowers don’t require any big commitment, they can easily be traded for fresh and newly colored ones to change the way your space appears. They also give you the chance to experiment with every different shade which is really convenient before you finally take the plunge into incorporating something bigger and more long-lasting in a similar shade. They basically add some life to space hence, whenever you replace the flowers, that corner will appear dead to you.

Colorful accent chairs

Who said chairs always have to be their typical self? The same basic colors can easily make the room feel very dead to you. Colorful accent chairs can help you add a splash of color into the room. Swap your typical chair in the working space or your study table with a colorful piece. Doing so will brighten up your space like nothing else. You can either choose to paint an old wooden or metal chair in a bright funky color or you can look for upholstered chairs in eye-catching and fun patterns to do the trick for you.

Area rug

The flooring of your room has a great influence on the way your space appears. Area rugs are not only a functional decor choice but they also help in sprucing up the overall appearance of your room. An area rug tends to take up a lot of flooring space and that can be used in favor of your room by looking for a rug in bright color and patterns. The key is to be smart and clever with your decor choice to make things work favorably for your room. With them being available in a huge variety, you have a lot of options to experiment with.

Window treatment

Did you ever think of working on your windows that are still covered in the same old drape for months or maybe a year? Window treatment can be a great way to elevate the appearance of your room. They can be a little expensive, but there are also some low-cost options available in the market where you will have plenty of color options to choose from. Window treatment is not only a very reliable and convenient way to add colors to the room but they also make a world of difference in the way your room appears.  You can go with something as simple and plain as roman shades in one color or you can add a sense of luxury to your space with long flowing drapes in a bright color.


When nothing else works for your room, accessories can be your ultimate savior. Ranging from beautiful vases, throws, accent pillows, and other decor stuff, they can help in adding a good amount of personality and charm to your room. All the extras that you’ll be incorporating into the room will increase the chances of your room appearing bright, colorful and visually appealing. These little things can create the maximum impact in the space if worked up correctly.

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