Rules To Follow For French Interior Decor

Rules To Follow For French Interior Decor

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People are inclined toward french designs, fashion, and makeup. This is the time to talk about french interior decor. There are so many stunning ideas that you can use to make the area look lavish and elegant. French style is a lot about sophistication and elegance and uses a lot of history and culture. They do not always go with the flow with the latest trends and only use the elements that are there in the style. You can get your house designed and transformed into a stunning french style house with some design ideas and tips. There are some rules that you should follow when you are styling your interior in this style, to make sure that the place looks the best and make the house look stylish.

Rules To Follow For French Interior Decor

1: Incorporate the history and art

When you are decorating the house in a French decor it is important to incorporate the history and art of the country into the design. This style is all about the french decor and this decor gets its inspiration from the history of the country and from the stunning building and monuments built there. It is important for you to know about the architecture and the designs of the historic building that you can use as some ideas in your interior.

2: Use of vibrant colors

You need to get away from dull and boring colors and also neutrals and earthy colors. This design is more about the bright and bold colors that can make the house look bright and shiny. There is a use of several colors such as yellow, blue, pink, red, and other shades. The rule is to mix and match things to make them work and create a wonderful interior that will provide you with the french vibe. You can use different prints and patterns and decorate the area. Use artwork to add to the colors of the place and make the place more vibrant and rich.

3: Get ideas from french fashion

French fashion is world famous and you can bet some ideas that you can use in decorating the room from the famous french fashion. If you are looking for fabric and textures to style the house in then you can look for the famous fabrics that are used in the fashion along with the prints and patterns and use them to decorate the house. You can use these ideas for the upholstery, the curtains, pillows and cushions, and rugs, and can even use the patterns for the wallpaper.

4: Reusing and reinventing things

It is important to reuse and reinvent things that are stunning and that can be used further for a different purpose. It is important in this style that you can reuse things and that you can take things and change them into something new, reinvent them and use them for different purposes. You can get some antiques that go well with this style from some vintage shops or from second-hand shops.

5: Do not go blindly behind trends

It is important in this type of decor that you stay true to the concept and not include new trends in the space. This style is all about being classy and elegant and thus this style does not include any new styles or trends. Instead of looking for them and including them into the space which in turn will create a weird combination and make the place look bad, it is better if you get to know more about the style itself and work on it.


These are the rules that you have to follow if you are planning on changing the interior of your house and styling the house in french decor. You cannot just use a few french items and call it a french decor. There are proper rules that you have to go by when you are decorating your space. There are several tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your interior to make the area look elegant and stunning. This style looks stunning and mesmerizing. You can use various bright and bold colors to decorate your place. This style is creative and helps you put art into the room.

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