Important Rules To Follow While Creating A Timeless Design In Your Space

Important Rules To Follow While Creating A Timeless Design In Your Space

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There’s nothing constant about home decor trends. Every month and season, we are introduced to some new decor trends that always come with built-in expiry dates. The maximum a particular trend can last is a few years which is not the most reliable and practical thing. As much as we love to follow the new trends, the additional cost, the constant need to change the interiors, keeping up with all the new trends and all that worry can make it difficult for anyone. However, there are a few elements in home designing that never go out of style and make sure that your home always looks chic and classy. There are only a few things that truly can withstand the test of time and come out as a timeless design. Creating a timeless design is as easy and simple as following a few basic rules. And if you have been meaning to give your home a timeless makeover, then make sure to go through the article to find out all the rules that you must follow to give your home a classic appearance.

Some Crucial Rules To Follow While Creating A Timeless Design In Your Space

Keep things in symmetry

Keep things in symmetry The most important rule to follow while creating a classic look in your home is to keep things in symmetry inside the room. Symmetry has always played an important role in impacting the way a room looks to the human eye. No matter the decorating style, the rooms that follow a symmetrical design look more pleasant. And the symmetry cannot be achieved unless you have doubled the items in that space to keep everything in balance. But the doubling effect doesn’t have to be followed for every corner. For instance, if you want to have a focal point in the room, you don’t necessarily have to create the two of them to maintain symmetry. You can easily work with just one focal point by decorating it in a symmetrical way and that can be done by adding two pairs on both the ends of the point. It’s all about following the symmetry and keeping things in balance and you can have a space that looks nothing but classic.

Create a focal point

Create a focal point If there’s anything that can make a world of difference in the way your space appears then it has to be the focal point of the room. Not only they add so much interest to the space but they also look very pleasing to look at. Some rooms already come with built-in focal points such as striking mantle pieces, large picture windows, etc. and if your room doesn’t come with one then you need not fret as it’s very easy to create a focal point in the room and that can be done by adding a piece of artwork, architectural element or a piece of furniture to do the trick. You just need to figure out the spot that will instantly draw your attention and that’s the place where you will be creating a focal point.

Incorporate classic patterns

Incorporate classic patterns Using classic patterns can do so much for your space. If you have looking to follow a timeless style in the room then make sure to use a few classic patterns such as botanical, stripes, plaids, damasks. Working with patterns can be easy as long as you’re doing things the right way by keeping things in balance. And make sure that you don’t use any of the trending patterns such as animal print or geometrical designs as there’s no guarantee that they will be able to withstand the test of time. And that being said, another important thing to know is the number and use of prints. You can use a total of 3 different prints in varied scales and distribute them evenly to strike a perfect balance in the room.

Incorporate good quality items

Incorporate good quality items Of course, using the good quality items in the room including furniture, fabrics, and accessories is one of the most important things to follow while creating a classic design. We are not suggesting you to invest in items that can break your bank account but to look for items that can truly withstand the test of time and are of high quality. Depending on your budget, pick the best quality item while you can. Whereas if you invest in cheap items, they won’t only make your space look shabby but they are most likely to fall apart in just a few years. On the contrary, fine quality elements will add more character and depth into the room.

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