Decor rules you need not follow while decorating small spaces

Decor Rules You Don’t Need To Follow While Decorating Small Spaces

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Small space comes with its own set of drawbacks and blessings, while as much as we like the cute and cozy feel of the small room, working with it can equally be daunting. Had it only for the decoration part, the job wouldn’t have been that hard but since it also involves you to utilize things correctly and make the right choices so that you don’t end up making the room appear much smaller than it actually is, the whole process can prove to be pretty overwhelming. When it comes to styling and designing the room, people usually stick by the same, boring mainstream decor rules that make your space look nothing but plain and mundane. White walls, decor free surfaces, low-lying furniture are some of the most followed decor rules when it comes to designing a small space. While these rules may help you to achieve the desired results but it doesn’t exactly look aesthetically appealing. As long as you’re doing things the right way, you don’t need to be afraid of experimenting with different decor styles. Just because you have a small space to work with, it doesn’t mean you can’t make things work the way you want. The odds are you may create a space that’s brimming with style.
If reading this has got you convinced, then make sure to scroll below and find out all the outdated decor rules that you can break without thinking twice.

Decor Rules That You Shouldn’t Follow While Decorating Small Spaces

Scaling down the size of furniture

Scaling down the size of furniture

many homeowners believe that scaling down the size of the furniture is the easiest way to furnish a small space and make it appear spacious and bigger but the truth is, this can actually work unfavorably for your small room and instead make it appear more cramped and crowded. Instead of adding small furnishing items into the room, you can add a single bulky piece to fill up the space. For instance, you can add a large sectional sofa within the space without making it feel cramped.

Painting the ceiling with light colors only

The color of the walls including the ceiling makes a great impact on the way a room appears. You may have heard this a lot that in order to keep the room looking bigger, it’s better to opt for light colors so that the space can appear brighter. But this isn’t necessarily true; you can easily add a dark and bold color to the ceiling of your room which is supposedly believed to be painted with light colors only. The trick to making it work right is by keeping the walls color light and adding a satin or semi-gloss finish paint to the ceiling. Choosing paint with a little sheen to it will make the room appear brighter which is what we’re trying to achieve.

Using single area rug

A rug is known to act as an anchor for the room and when it comes to dealing with small space, adding a single area rug is not the only way to make things work; you can also add one more rug to create two different corners in a small space. For instance, if you want to create both a living room and a home office in a tiny space then adding two rugs in different corners can help you create the different zones which will add more dimension to the space. For the living room, you can use a large rug, whereas, for a home office, you can work with a tiny rug to do the trick.

Painting the walls white

Like we said earlier, the paint color doesn’t have anything to do with your space appearing smaller as long as you’re doing things the right way and are striking a perfect balance in the room. You don’t have to think twice before painting the walls of your space in a dark color such as black. There’s a way to balance things out and that can be done by painting the ceiling of the room white and adding other contrasting light shade elements into the room.

Creating a matching dining set

A matching dining set definitely looks more well put together and elegant but that doesn’t mean you have to deter yourself from creating a dining set by mixing and matching all different pieces. If you want to add more interest and wow moment to your dining area then all you need to do is work on the chairs by keeping each one different. You can either put all the chairs of different styles to create a bohemian vibe or you can add the same style of chairs by painting each one of them in a different shade to keep things clean and contemporary. Just make sure to pick the chairs that have the right seating height according for the table in order to pull off this look.

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