Simple and Easy Hacks for Home Decor

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Decorated home looks pleasant to all of us. Let it be men or women even kids, they find a decorated home interesting and pretty. However, managing everyday expenses and spending vigorously on the decor items could end up having a heft credit bill at the beginning of the month. Worry not readers, today we are presenting you some decoration tricks that as so easy to perform and won’t take much of your time. Moreover, we are reusing some of the old stuff that you probably don’t use any more. So here’s what you can do.

Easy Hacks For Home Decor

Photo Frames

Photo Frames We all have various photo frames in our home. But for this hack, you will need four similar photo frames. And a hot glue gun, if you don’t have one then you can work with some solid glue. So we have 3 to 4 family members in our home, maybe a pet. Thus you need to put a picture of each family member in the frames. Now, don’t secure the back cover, just place the pictures and secure them with the back hooks. In case you have three family members then, you can stick a single picture of each in 3 frames and a family photo in the fourth one or your pet’s pic in one, if you have. Stick them in the form of a square and place a cardboard in the end. Lastly, add some twinkle lights in the center of the square. You can use it as a centerpiece for your living room table or as a side table near your bed. This is an amazing art piece which you will cherish for life.

Tier to a Pouf

Tier to a Pouf Our vehicle tiers get worn out after years of running on the road, thus reuse these tiers to create a Pouf. Firstly, wash these tiers and let them dry. Now, use a fabric glue to cover the tire outer surface with the help of rope. Add a hard cardboard to one end of the tier after this place some cushion foam in the center of it. Finally, cover it all with a fabric and you are good to go. You can place another cushion on top of it with a slightly bigger size. You can create this using multiple tiers as well. Moreover, if you get a big size tier and then small over the top if look cute so see what works for you.

Empty Glass Bottle

Empty Glass Bottle After every month end, we have a spare glass bottle in our hand. We throw it usually, but if you can reuse it to keep some fresh flowers. So what you need to do is take 2-3 scoop of cement in an empty container and add some water to make it a little dense. Don’t add to much water, just enough to dip an old sock in it. Yes, you read it right a sock, any of your worn-out sock or one whose pair is lost. Now use that dipped sock to cover the bottle. Let some wrinkles be there while you cover. Leave it for a day and you have a flower vase at your home. Put some water and add the flowers.

Hanging Plant

Hanging Plant To make it take a plant hanger and add some floral foam to it. Cut the foam into an exact shape of the pot or cut uneven pieces to fill the pot. You can find this foam in a hardware store and for sure at a florist shop. As they use it to stick the real flowers and make a bouquet out of it. Now, it’s time to add some faux plants. These days the faux plants look so real as if they are original. The design and color are done so well. So, you can get some faux succulents which are easily available online. Arrange them in a pattern and hang it in the corner of your home.

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