Simple tricks to take care of your gorgeous plants

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Some of us won’t have a spacious garden in our space, but that does not mean that we cannot grow produce and herbs in our space. As it is said where there is will, there is a way. So have a small garden space that can be set up anywhere like maybe your rooftop. Small-sized apartments, crowded cities cannot come in your path when you decide to design a garden for your space. The trick you need to use is how to maximize your own pint-sized patios or rooftop gardens. Then pick up the proper plants to grow and tend them in the right ways. Just follow the ideas listed below to help yourself with this task.

Pick the right plants

The first thing you need to do is to pick up the right plants. We suggest you to grow herbs like cilantro, mint, parsley, basil as they work very well in small balconies. Avoid having thyme or rosemary as they are plants that do not grow well in a small space. They are slower-growing and does not survive much in this type of environment. And if you are looking for veggies consider picking arugula and leafy greens that can be easily grown in containers and placed in a small balcony. In case, you have a place where a lot of natural light comes in, cheery tomatoes can be the right choice for you. To increase the aesthetic value, grow edible flowers like violets and nasturtiums.

And in case, you are growing plants indoors, then consider these beginner plants that include spider plants, jade, and pothos. They won’t require much of your time and effort, and would also thrive beautifully in your place.

Select the right soil

As you are growing plants, then you would also need the right kind of soil for different plants you are consider harvesting in your space. So a well-drained potting soil that is organic nature can work the best way for you. You can even add fertilizer to the pots if you feel the need. And when you start to plant, just follow the instructions that are listed on the seed pack. They will guide you on how far you need to keep the plants so they have enough space to grow.

Do consider the pollution factor

It is very well known plants take up all the carbon dioxide from the place and in turn reduces the effects of pollution within a city. Even the small houseplants, trees, shrubs, an herb garden works very well to perform this task. It helps in increasing the oxygen levels and eliminating harmful toxins from the air.

Optimize sun exposure

You must be aware of the fact that vegetables and herbs require a lot of sunlight. They don’t like much shade. The more shade they will get, the slower they will grow. Try to keep them in West or South facing windows, they grow at their best in these particular directions. Another tip we would like to give you is that keep rotating the pots once in a while so that they don’t keep facing a single direction constantly. This genius trick will help in maintaining the growth balance of the plants.

Be wise about watering

You have to take care of each and every plant and know about its watering requirement. As we know that a plant mainly depends upon two things, the amount of sunlight it receives and how much water does it need. Always make sure that the soil of the pot is throughout moisturized. And in case, you are planting herbs in a window box, then add rocks to the base. It will ensure proper drainage for the plant. Don’t overwater them, as it will lead to root rot.

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