Simple ways to make your home ready for your guests

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Do you what is the biggest secret to making your home guest-ready? Just imagine, how would you like to treated when you visit someone’s house? At comfort and ease with a little bit of pampering. The same you can apply at your home. Arrange every room in a way that your guests will feel comfortable and at ease. Do not overdo anything and make it a humungous task. There might be a chance that your guests are coming over for a few hours or for a few days to stay at your place. So use these pro tips and make your dining room, family room, kitchen, and guest room ready for your guests.

Start with the dining room

Set your table for the most comfortable and convivial meals by following a few strategies for the perfect table-setting. When you set your tablecloth, we suggest you buy a plain linen fabric that would measure 10 inches longer than the surface of each side. Then create intentional frays along the cut edges by gently washing them and drying them. And when you start setting out the dishes, and don’t have a single dinner set to set out for the whole table, just mix and match different sets. Disperse any many sets throughout the table but keep in mind to stick to a consistent color pattern. For a proper planned meal, label out all the dishes with a sticky note mentioning the name of the menu item you are going to serve in it.

Next comes the Family Room

You need not worry if you don’t have a separate playroom to entertain the kids that come at your home. You can have a nice setup by creating a designated space where both kids and adults can have fun. Keep a basket and keep them full of games, a few decks of cards, in case they get bored. Add an art and craft station by decorating it with stickers, an instant camera, stickers, and wooden picture frames. Put up the snaps into the decorated frames to have an awesome customized space. Another thing you can do is have a separate puzzle corner. You will need a 1,000-piece jigsaw, a card table, and some good lighting to make it eye-catching. Add a basket of fuzzy blankets and plenty of floor pillows to make a cozy atmosphere for activities like movie watching.


You don’t need to serve your guests every time if you create a self-service buffet in your kitchen. For example, in breakfast, make waffles a day before your guests are about to arrive and freeze them. The next day your work would be just to heat them in a 200-degree oven and top them up with chocolate chips, whipped cream, syrup, and fresh berries. Set up a separate yogurt station by keeping different topping like nuts, honey, chopped fruit, and hempseed. Also add coffee and tea, with a set of mugs, spoons, sweeteners and milk frothers. This way your guests would be able to serve themselves. Add a separate basket in your pantry that will be labeled as ” eat me” so that your guests can easily pick up some snacks and feed themselves in off-hours.

Guest Room

This is the most important area that you need to carefully set up as this is where your guests are about to stay in. Think about what you love about a great hotel, then arrange everything accordingly. Keep spare hangers, bottled water, a note with your Wi-Fi password, and an alarm clock so that they can have a comfortable stay. Try to add a luggage rack for a cluttered free space. Set out extra toilet paper, a plunger as these are some things that can be awkward to ask.

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