Smart tips to set up a personal home gym

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You might be quite hesitant to set up a home gym even if you are a workout freak as you wouldn’t be knowing what is required and how much you would need to invest. But it can be a great way to save money and to ensure that you never make a lame excuse to miss out on your workout. The best part is that each one of you have enough space to set up at least a small gym in your home. You might be wondering how is that even possible. Don’t worry, you will definitely not be requiring complex equipment or expensive machinery for your private gym. Take a look at these superb ideas before you start working on this idea.

Use a corner of your bedroom or a part of the garage

A garage can be the perfect place for a home gym. Just clean it up properly and you can have some of the most effective workouts in that small workout space. The size of the place can be around 10 x 6 ft. You can move the storage supplies you have kept to a storage unit or a shed and use the extra unused space for your gym.
Now if you do not have the option of a garage, you need not worry. You can make a home gym in a corner of your bedroom by repositioning some stuff that may include your bedroom furniture. It would be better if you set up it in one of the ground floor bedrooms.

Keep a set of Free Weights

You definitely don’t need to have pricey equipment if you are looking out for a perfect home gym. Just have a good set of free weights to perform everything machines can do. They will help you exercise more muscles with more number of sets. Be careful when you pick a set, ensuring that a version that you pick will have several different weight options. And when we talk about weights, you must be thinking about the traditional dumbbells. But nowadays kettlebells have become quite popular but you must keep in mind that their movements are riskier to perform and harder to master without any training.

Have a Jump Rope Instead of a Treadmill

Treadmills obviously would be on the expensive side and would need ample space in your home gym. So what about trying having a piece of equipment that will prove to be quite handy? An alternative that is quite affordable and cheap is the traditional jump-rope. It will need just a small space and would not take any of your storage space. You will also be able to control the intensity of your cardio workout according to the speed and height you need. Now you can’t make any lame excuse to skip out your cardio sessions.

Explore a lot of options with Body-weight Exercises 

Body-weight exercises provide you with some extra advantage. You won’t need any equipment to perform them. It will help you to save your storage space and will help in effectively building lean muscle mass at the same time. Bodyweight exercises make you versatile and help in increasing strength levels. Take the example of a simple push-up. You can do it in a variety of forms and train your arm and chest muscles in the old classic way.

Get an Ab Roller

Don’t go the old way if you need to strengthen your core by performing situps or crunches. They do not target your abs well and often lead to back issues. Get a simple ab roller for your home gym. It will perform a great job and train your core in the most superb way. Also, go for some planks. It is another fabulous idea to perform workout without the fancy machinery.

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