Splendid Ways To Spruce Up A Small Guest Room

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It’s not every day that you get a chance to host some guests in your house and when you do, you surely would want to do anything that can make them feel at home and more comfortable. But when your guests decide to stay over, it becomes even more important that they feel at ease and more welcomed. And the easiest way to make them feel so is by giving them a space that is not only cozy but stylish as well and that can only be done by having a guest room. Whether or not you have a dedicated guest room, or no matter how small it is, you can easily work your way with it by giving the room a cozy and stylish makeover which will instantly make your guests feel welcome and more comfortable as it’s also a matter of privacy. And if you’re looking to give your guest bedroom a makeover or even repurposing a rarely used space for your guests to stay then this article may prove to be of little use as we have rounded up a list of guest bedroom ideas that will guide you to make the most of your small room space in the most stylish way.

Impressive Ways To Fix Up A Small Guest Room

Keep things simple

Keep things simple The easiest and probably the most effortless way to make the most of any room is to keep things simple. And if you swear by the term ‘less is more’ then you will find it extremely easy to put together a guest room for your guests, no matter the size of the room. The more you will keep things classic and simple in the room, the better the space will look. Keep things as cozy and simple as you can, so that you can work with the decor without making the room look overwhelming or too dramatic. Try to pick traditional and welcoming pieces so that they won’t look outdated.

Add a side chair

Add a side chair This is a very purposeful furnishing piece you can add to the guest room. It won’t only elevate the appearance of the room but it will also act as a functional piece that can be used as per the convenience of your guest. Even if it is not being used for sitting, they can use it to toss some of their items such as coats, bags, or any other thing. Pick an antique chair that will add more interest to the room. No matter how small the space is, a chair will always prove to be a great addition. You can also spruce it up by adding a throw blanket or pillow.

Don’t be afraid of using colors

Don’t be afraid of using colors Adding fun, exciting colors are a great way to create a happy vibe in the room. Incorporating fun moody colors instantly cheer up the space and make it look so colorful, bright, and happy. You can play with different schemes to do the trick for you. Just make sure to keep things in balance and don’t let the colors overpower the other decorative elements in the room. You can use throw pillows, wall art or other decorative elements to add a splash of colors into the room.

Create an accent wall

Create an accent wall Accent walls instantly amp up the look of any room and also helps to add some amount of interest and appeal in the space. And if you have been meaning to give your guest room a stylish makeover, then creating an accent wall is probably your safest bet as it does the trick very effectively. You can either use a stencil to create an accent wall or you can use a bold wallpaper to do the trick. Doing so will also create a focal point in the room and will also give you a rough idea of how to further decorate the room.

Live plants

Live plants There’s possibly no room decor idea that can do well without the addition of plants. Adding lush greenery inside the space is the easiest way to make the room look more illuminating, lively, and aesthetically beautiful. You don’t have to crowd the room with loads of plants, just one plant would suffice which you can either place on the floor or even on the top of a nightstand or any other way you like. Just make sure that the plant you are using can adapt to the kind of atmosphere the guest room sees.

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