Style your living room like never before with these rugs

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We always look out to make some changes here and there in any of the spaces of our house to make it interesting and up to date. And when it comes the turn of our living room and we are looking for the apt ways to rev it up, an area rug comes to the picture. This single item has the ability to make a huge impact on your space and make it playful. Be careful while choosing the right area rug that can add stylish patterns to the neutral color palette of your room or soften edges in a contemporary room. It also has the power to pull up all the accent colors together. Just keep in mind to pick a one with the apt size, color, style and that is comfortable at the same time.
And when you choose one, it should have the right measurements so that it can fit in your seating area. Most of the pros recommend having an area rug that covers that conversation area including the front legs of the sofa and chair. The area rug designs are so versatile that you can mix and match them with any decor style you love as long as you pick the right color. Here we are mentioning our best picks that would inspire you.

A Boho look with a pretty pink color

If you want a boho look but do not want to paint bright colors into your space, just pick an area rug that goes with the look. When we put up bright colors on the floor, they do not look so eye-catching. So you can easily add vibrancy to your room that would not look gaudy with the help of a rug. Transform your living room space with a single perfect item.
A tropical-inspired area rug for a fun look


If you want to add a bit of tropical style to your room without having an overall theme that would work out decor according to it, an area rug comes to your rescue. A bold rug would help you add big patterns, vibrant colors in a minimalistic way as it would look quite loud if you have them for your sofa or chair. Another thing you can do is have throw pillows or artwork that match up the color palette of the rug to have a perfectly balanced look.

Bring gold accents into your space

Gold accents have been in trend these days. So obviously there is no reason that you would not bring them into your living room space. In order to add a touch of gold without replacing your current decor, an area rug gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. Choose a rug with a neutral color palette and with finishing touches of gold in it. It will look stunning and make your space a fine blend of old and new.

Liven up your space with a classic black and white rug

What is the first thing that comes to the picture when you are confused between all those colors? Of course the traditional black and white look. Decorate your living room by adding a spice of drama to it and not adding any color to it at the same time. It will definitely suit your space if you have a rustic style and look.

A dreamy blue rug to add a coastal vibe

Do you want to have a coastal vibe for your room? You can do it most easily by adding a beach-inspired area rug to it. Add on some accessories to spice up the look in a neutral color palette like gray, white or beige. Pick an airy rug with ocean blues, floral patterns or soft stripes. They will act as perfect items to give your living room a necessary makeover.

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