Styling Subway Tiles In The House

Styling Subway Tiles In The House

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Tiles are used in the decoration of the house, in the interior as well as the exterior of the place. There are various kinds of tiles with a variety of prints and patterns that you can select for your house according to the theme you are going after. You can decorate the exterior, the floor, the walls inside the house, shelves, counters, and other areas of the house with some stunning tiles. One of those tiles is the subway tiles. These tiles are small and pretty and add some drama and depth to the place. They help in creating beautiful decor in the room. You can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, outdoor, or anywhere in the house.

Look at the list of areas you can decorate with subway tiles.

1: Backsplash in the kitchen

You can use some stunning and shiny subway tiles and use them as the backsplash in the kitchen. The backsplash is the area, the wall behind the stove. This is one of the ideal areas to put tiles as they are easier to clean and look neat and sleek in the kitchen. You can use some black or white-colored subway tiles as the backsplash of the kitchen. You can create a contrast in the kitchen with the help of some colored subway tiles.

2: Tiles in the shower

Let’s enhance the shower a bit and make it look nice and stylish. Tiles in the shower are common but here you can make them more stylish by installing the tiles all the way from top to the bottom and decorating all the walls of the shower with these tiles. These tiles add a bit of drama and richness to the place and make the bathroom look fresh and the interior of the bathroom cute and tidy.
They make the area look nice. You can use matte, shiny, any color tiles to brighten up the space.


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3: Backdrop for the shelves

When you are planning on using some vertical space and creating some shelves to put or display things on it, you can create the area and make it look sleek and well sort by decorating the background where you are planning on putting these shelves. You can use these subway tiles and use them as the background and decorate the wall with them before installing the shelves on the wall. You can use some golden or brass accent shelves to add to the beauty of the area with these tiles.

4: Matte subway tiles in the entryway

Subway tiles do not always have to be shiny and reflective. You can even have some matte tiles. These tiles are super stylish and provide a great finishing when installed properly. You can put these tiles in the entryway and create a stunning and welcoming entryway that will feel comfortable and inviting to your guests. It is important to make the house feel cozy and comfy for the people visiting you. These tiles are super stylish and have a subtle vibe to them.

5: Styling the living room with these tiles

Not only in the kitchen and the bathroom but you can also use these tiles in the living room. You can use these subway tiles with some wood paneling and create a stunning statement wall in the living room. This provides a modern touch to the room and makes the room look and feel stylish and chic. You can use these tiles and make a backdrop for the television area or can decorate the fireplace area with these tiles. You can use some bold colored tiles to make the area look stylish and enhances its look of it.


Subway tiles add some shine and smoothness to the surface and are available in different colors according to your liking and the theme you are going after. They act as a beautiful backdrop for certain things in the house and can make the interior of the house look chic. You can create some stunning interior designs with these tiles. Using them in any room enhances the whole look of the room, creating a chic and pretty interior. Look for some subway tiles and include them in the interiors of your house.

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