Styling Tips To Glam Your Vanity Space

Styling Tips To Glam Your Vanity Space

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A well organized and styled makeup desk can make our morning much easier and hassle-free. We don’t have to rush to find our go-to things while getting ready, that’s such an underrated blessing. By getting ready on time we can win half the battle of the entire day.

Beauties we all are obsessed with makeup, stocking various makeup products is our favorite hobby. But, what we often neglect is the place where we stash our makeup. If makeup is an obsession for us then the storage place is surely a paradise. Consequently, it’s necessary for us to keep the place organized with everything at its place.

Whether you have a small space or an immense one, just a few tips and you can hoard tons of makeup products easily and that too in a planned manner. So, next time you are getting ready you can find everything in one go. Many of you find arranging and organizing your makeup abode the biggest challenge but with these easy tips, you can crack the ideal vanity goals.

Best Ways To Glam Your Vanity Space

Arrange A Separate Space For Stashing Makeup-

Arrange A Separate Space For Stashing Makeup- The biggest mistake we do is to hoard our makeup in the bathroom. This is not a good idea as your bathroom space is already piled with your bathroom goodies and by storing your makeup you are creating chaos and nothing else. No wonder, how you will get ready on time. Instead, introduce a separate beauty corner to stash your beauty aids. It can be anything depending on your budget. Introducing a table corner or revamping your closet space anything that suits your space but the pivotal thing is to set up a separate abode for piling your beauty essentials. You will see how easily you can access the beauty aids while getting ready; saving much of your time that you wasted searching on the bathroom shelves.

Invest In Some Trays and Drawers-

Invest In Some Trays and Drawers- The biggest key in organizing the ideal vanity is to separate things as per its usage. Invest in a combination of trays and drawers that will make your organizing process a lot easier. It will separate your makeup products so every time you look for something you know in which tray you can find that out. For instance, keep a tray especially for primers, so next time while starting with your base you know which tray to search for. You can also stash your everyday essentials in one tray or drawer that is easy to reach so every morning you don’t need to run hands between your entire assemblage.

Keep ‘like’ Items Together-

Keep ‘like’ Items Together- Another key to an organized makeup desk is to store the ‘like’ things together. You can group similar items collectively in the slots that suit best to their size. The items that are large in size and you don’t require them much often can be placed in the lowermost drawers like your eyeshadow palettes, contouring palettes or anything else you don’t use regularly. Store your appliances in one drawer so that you have a pretty much idea of where to find it the next time you are looking.

Focus on Mirror And Lighting-

Focus on Mirror And Lighting- Supposedly, we assume that we don’t need to tell you how crucial a mirror and perfect lighting is while doing makeup. Both are the inevitable basics without which you cannot perform your beauty rituals. Poor lighting can make you commit some hefty mistakes while doing makeup. You might leave spots on your face, might not get the idea of the exact amount of makeup to apply, and most importantly you would not be able to see how your makeup settled on the face. So, to install a good quality mirror and lights is very important in building your makeup desk.

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