Subtle mistakes that would ruin your bathroom decor

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A bathroom should be something that looks pleasing as well as work well for your space. You can’t afford to ruin your space by making little mistakes when you design it. It should aptly serve its very purpose and have adequate storage for everything. Be it your bath products, towels or other bathroom accessories. Have ambient lighting that serves the very task performed in a bathroom space and give it finishes that make it resistant to the humid environment. Obviously, you can’t have space which is so little that when you take out your moisturizer, everything else falls out of your medicine cabinet or the lighting is so poor that you can’t even apply your foundation properly. But you need not worry as we have done thorough research so that you won’t commit such silly mistakes while designing your bathroom. Find out more by reading the space below.

Overlooking Lighting

You can ruin your bathroom space effortlessly by not having the right kind of lighting in it. What people tend to do is they install multiple light sources in their space and then end up having a single dull sconce. It would end up in leaving your house with scary clown makeup. I am sure you would want to have such a scene, so try incorporating both task and decorative lighting. It often happens that we overlook the importance of lighting while designing the bathroom. We must ensure that it has a good source of natural lighting and place a vanity light strategically so that your bathroom does not suffer from poor lighting. Even a floor lamp, chandelier or a table lamp can also be a good option.

Planning Electrical too late

What we often do is that we make a whole design layout of the bathroom but do not plan the installation of electronic components in the initial stage. In fact, it is quite important to do it at an earlier stage. Just take the example of a hardwired makeup mirror. You need to include this in your plan early in the process so that you can have proper outlets for straightening irons, hairdryers in the drawer. This way you would be able to tuck them neatly and quickly. But in case you forget it, you can cut out a grommet hole in the drawer and place an extension cord in the wall outlet. This would act like a total game-changer.

Not considering humidity

This is again one of those important factors you tend to neglect while making a design layout for your bathroom. It is certain that if you add wallpaper in your bathroom it would give an instant cozy vibe to it. No doubt, a wallpaper looks lovely and adds warmth to space but the biggest thing one should always keep in mind that either you need to make a wallpaper for a bathroom or the backsplash should so high that the beautiful wallpaper does not get damaged.

Neglecting Storage

Lastly, we mention this common mistake every designer tends to commit. While paying attention to aesthetics, we often neglect the functionality part. But you must realize at the time that it is important to have proper storage space so that you can have a clean, neat and decluttered space. It can be difficult to find attractive medicine cabinets but they are quite useful for storing the small items that are needed for everyday use. And in case you making everything from scratch then recessed shower shelves and recessed wall cabinets can be so convenient. Do focus on having a nice vanity. You can either have it customized or can purchase one with plenty of storage space. Make sure it can easily store your makeup, hairdryer, and all other necessary accessories.

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