The Easy DIY Canvas Painting For Home

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We know how decorating your home with the help of beautiful artwork, which is done by others, can make you pay handsomely. Thus, what you can do instead is buy some art supplies and try and do these DIY at home. However, art supplies themselves don’t come cheap; they have a price but its way cheaper than getting an actual painting. The ideas that we are going to share aren’t really something that needs an expert to do. They are some easy drawing art that will help you decorate your home with the minimal artist effort on your part. So let’s give these artworks a watch, we have specified all the ingredients you will need for each art form.

Rainbow PaintingDrawing a rainbow could look difficult but it’s easy. You just need to draw a thick layer of paints and merge them using a wet brush. So take a canvas board or sheet as you like and purchase some acrylic colors. Let’s begin with red color paint from the end of the sheet, you need to keep it light, let the white sheet be visible from behind. Now, add a denser layer of red above it followed by orange, afterward yellow, light green, add just a line of dark green and the final color is blue. First, you will paint light blue and in the end dark blue. Don’t forget to merge the layers together. You can keep it in that ways or you can paint some figures with black on it.

Geometrical PaintingTake a canvas and pastel colors, a ruler and a compass. This form is a cubism abstract art. So begin by drawing a big square in the center of the sheet. Now, work your way out on the side. No shape has to be in perfect symmetry. You can make some diagonal rectangle, square, triangle and circle. Fill the sheets till the edges and there isn’t a need of leaving borders. You can and should overlap the figures one on another. Now, you need to begin coloring with the pastel colors. Go for neon colors such as bright yellow, light green, pink, orange, purple, etc. Now you need to color in the cropped portion of the figure not all of it in one color. In the end, do the outline with the help of black color, take a tissue and smudge the outline and do the highlighting again.

Abstract PaintingTake a canvas sheet, glitter colors or metallic poster colors, and tape. To begin with, take a canvas sheet and draw some geometrical figures with the help of cello tape. Now, on the rest of the area apply some glue if you are working with loose glitter or in case of metallic paints don’t apply glue. You need to color the sheet nicely. If you are working with loose glitter powder then, you don’t have to be careful at all, it’s a baby work. However, make sure that you apply the glue to a small portion not all over as glue dry out quickly. If working with paints then, you need to paint it in symmetry and it doesn’t have to be a rough brushwork so choose as per your area of expertise.

Black And WhiteSuper easy black and white acrylic painting, you don’t have to an artist for this one as well. So you take a canvas some black paint and white paint. You need a flat paintbrush as well. To commence, paint the canvas black from top to bottom. Make sure the black paint it’s evenly spread and no whiteness of the canvas is visible. Now draw a figure on top of it. You should be extra careful while drawing an image as if you try to erase the pencil it will leave its effect on the sheet. The best way out is to take a printout of the sketch and trace it with the help of a tracing paper. Once the image is traced, take white paint on the flat brush and draw the image. The painting looks a total classic. You can place it in the living room or the bedroom as you choose.

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