The hottest kitchen trends to follow this year

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Decorating trends come in and go. We often try to update our place according to the latest trends. But there is a place in our house that is a little different and we have to make decisions about its interiors keeping in mind that they will last for about a decade or two. Yes, we are discussing our kitchen here. Kitchen design trends are also something that changes often but we have to do the planning in such a way that it looks evergreen.
So can you imagine how a modern kitchen will look in 2020? What type of hardware can we opt for? Are upper cabinets still in trend? What materials would be worth investing in? Along with these factors, there are many other things to consider while you make a design plan for your kitchen like the storage walls, the finishes, and decorative accents. Below we are listing for you some hottest kitchen decor trends you can incorporate.

Storage Walls

Once upon a time upper cabinets and wraparound corners were in great trend. But that was in the past, nowadays you would see kitchens that feature a large island, one wall of countertops and lower cabinets and in the rest of the space a floor to ceiling storage. You should think of incorporating the idea of storage walls instead of the classic butler’s pantry people used to have in past years.

Backsplash Shelves

Nowadays you won’t see many kitchen spaces with traditional upper cabinets. They have been out of trend for many years now. So what has been trending now? Statement backsplashes! Yes, they are something that is made out of stone and has a narrow shelf or edge. This particular style has been gaining popularity since 2019. It has gained its inspiration from French-style decor and now this signature style is building momentum by making its place in today’s kitchen.

Curated Accessories

In earlier kitchen designs, everything was kept minimal to have a simple and sober look. But now you would see kitchen spaces that are more designed like a room and has everything that another space of your house has. There has been a rise in curated bookcases, glass-paneled shelving and kitchen space filled with other personal stuff such as stoneware pottery, artwork, vintage rugs, and other collected items.

Concealed Hood ranges

Several statement hood ranges have been trending in recent years. But now that has taken its place is something new and unique. The year 2020 has been pointing towards concealed hood ranges means concealed ventilation in the kitchen designs. It has practically disappeared from the modern kitchen with the range hood being concealed even in the kitchen cabinet fronts.

Minimal hardware

The kitchen design trends are taking a more traditional approach in recent years with hardware virtually disappearing from the kitchen. This year you would not see over the top brass hardware. So you need to save on cabinet hardware and spend a little more on the marble countertop. Go for seamless cabinets that come with subtle edges. It will make your countertop and cabinet doors shine.

Modern Beadboard Cabinets

Now comes the turn of the kitchen cabinets. Do you what has been trending when it comes to this part of the kitchen? A modern minimal touch to the classic shiplap and the beadboard paneled cabinets. They should feature no border and frame with groves lying along with their height. Try to install lower cabinets across the floor-to-ceiling storage wall and pair them with plastered walls and soapstone countertop.

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