The Modern Vintage Living Room Decor

The Modern Vintage Living Room Decor

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There are times when we are sharing a similar space with our friends, partner, or parents. Every one of us has a different choice and the place that we share couldn’t be decorated with one’s choice only. The living room is one such room where each home member spends quality time with themselves as well as the co-habitant. So, one couldn’t really decide on what really should be the living room decor, so that it not only looks great but reflect a little personality of the residents. Therefore, what’s better than a modern vintage look decor? This will fulfill everyone’s needs. So let’s begin with the decoration items for the living room.

Vintage Living Room Decor

Coffee Table

Coffee Table Usually, whenever everyone talks about the vintage furniture it has a brown covering, but since we are dealing with modern as well we will be going for a black coffee table. The color black can never go wrong, thus get your room a black coffee table and a contrasting sofa such as dark grey, olive, royal blue, etc. These colors look superb with the black coffee table. If we talk about the side tables you can keep them in a black, but it can bring a more dark tone to the room if the windows are small. Thus keeping it white or silver stand with a glass top can be magnificent.

Console table

Console table Every living room is incomplete without a TV. Thus, you must have a mounted TV stand and a small console table to place some storage baskets and to guard your TV remote or keys. Thus place a sleek silver or gold tray to hold your essentials, along with a beautiful faux or fresh plant depending upon you. You can replace the idea of a tray with a chessboard or any board game you like with the tray. Some of us have got a console table next to the door in the entryway or foyer.

Wall Decor

Wall Decor You need to be very precise with this look as you can fill it up all. This look fall in the category of more minimalist decor, therefore choosing somewhat as a modern art such as abstract will definitely look weird. So you can go for some night scenery if you are into nature or an organic background photo frame can be done as well. You can choose a plain brown border frame and place jute or natural fabric background to it, adding your family picture in the center. The mirror looks great on the accent wall. If you have some corner shelves in this room then, you can place some books, a small leopard figure, a sailing boat, a white marble vase, etc.

Extra Sitting

Extra Sitting One sofa is not enough if you have friends over often. This place will for sure fall short for sitting so keeping some small poufs and wooden chairs. Now, you can add a full wooden chair with a cushion added to the sitting area or you can get a bench which could be a little smaller in size than the console table so that when you don’t need it you can just push it under the table. These days we get so beautiful coffee table which has those under sitting poufs. So you can get any of the two to increase the sitting.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows Get some pattern for these, if not a pattern than you can get some colors. This room decor is very subtle so far, so try to add brightness to it with the help of pillows. You can place white pillows that have various shades on it or try a mixture. If you have settled for a grey sofa then, you can add on some zebra print cushion on it along with plain pillows like black or dark grey, or you can go for a multi-colored cushion with a plain muddy shade pillow behind. The most effective choice will be plain royal blue cushions. They will transform your sofa.

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