Things to bear in mind before purchasing a new rug

Things to Bear in Mind Before Purchasing a New Rug

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Buying something new for your home’s décor can be incredibly stressful as well as overwhelming. With the amount of options and variety available in the market, it’s quite natural for anyone to get a little confused. Especially when it comes to something like a rug, you have to be extremely careful of what you are purchasing because rugs are an important part of the room and they have this amazing ability to make or break the space. To make sure that you don’t end up with the latter part, it’s important to bear a few things in your mind before you make your final purchase for the rug. Several factors and considerations are taken into account to pick the right rug for your home. To make sure that you are making the right decision with the rug, we have made a list of a few things for you that you must bear in mind before taking the final call.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Purchasing a New Rug

Size matters

Size matters Before you go out for rug shopping, make sure to take the measurements of the room and then make the purchase accordingly. You wouldn’t want to buy any rug unless you are sure whether it’s going to fit perfectly into the room or not, or else it’ll be an ultimate waste of time, source, and energy. So the first thing you need to do is take the measurements of your room. Especially when you are purchasing it for your living room, ensure that the rug is large enough to fit perfectly under your major furniture in the room. Also, if you are dealing with a space that is too large, to begin with then you can always use two rugs to fill up the space. The two of them doesn’t have to be in the same design, you can go for two different rugs with a bit of similarities to each other such as colors or pattern.


Budget Deciding on your budget is probably the first and foremost thing to consider after you have thought of purchasing a rug. If getting a rug isn’t going easy on your pocket, then you really shouldn’t buy one even if it makes you a tad bit sad because rugs involve a great investment and you would want to make sure that you have bought the best one for your house. Therefore, when the budget is an issue, don’t be in the haste of buying a rug. Always look for high-quality rugs made up of natural materials like wool, silk, cotton as they never lose their charm and also wear well. So once you have decided on your budget, pick the right rug for your home in the right material.

Color and Pattern

Color and Pattern When it comes to color and pattern of the rug, you will have to make sure that you pick the right option for your floor as your flooring plays an important role in influencing the way your room appears. Look for something that you can live with and won’t get tired of anytime soon. To make things look more visually interesting and colorful in your room, you can look for rugs with patterns. Patterned rugs pairs well with neutral as well as colorful decor and furniture. Whereas, a solid-colored rug in the neutral shade helps in ensuring an easy flow in the room and also soothes an eclectic space. However, with solid colored rugs, you may not be able to hide away all the dirt and spills but this won’t be the case with patterned rugs.As far as a colorful rug is concerned, they also work wonderfully in any kind of space. If you want to incorporate a colorful rug in an already colored room, make sure that the colors in the rug complement the decor and furniture present in the room to make things look unified and nicely put together.


Texture Choosing the right texture of the rug is as important as choosing the right size. Depending on how you want the room to appear, you can shortlist a few options in your mind. For instance, wool rugs add a sense of warmth and softness to the room whereas natural materials like jute and sisal; they feel a little rough to touch. As for silk rugs, they might add a sense of luxury and aesthetic appeal to your room but mind you they can be expensive as well as hard to clean. Therefore, be very careful of what you are purchasing and take every factor and consideration into account.

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