Top bathroom decor trends to try out in 2020

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All we need is some reason and excuse to get started with remodeling our house. While everybody talks about the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, but the bathroom is often overlooked, especially when it comes to the decoration part. We have just entered the New Year, and it wouldn’t be quite fair to leave your bathroom from all the decoration. Swapping a few pieces with new and trendier versions is what that is going to transform your bathroom space into looking absolutely modern and every bit of 2020. Whether you are redecorating your bathroom space or giving it a necessary makeover, we have rounded up a list of some of the best makeover ideas that will make your bathroom look fancy in no time.

Add brass accents to the bathroom

Probably the easiest way to give your bathroom a luxurious feel is by adding some brass accents to it. You can’t really go wrong with them as such accents exude luxe vibe, which helps in adding so much life and energy to the bathroom space. Whether in the form of wall mirror, light fixtures, or the hardware, either way, these brass accents will look super stylish, which will work fairly well in a neutral-colored scheme bathroom space.

Deep soaking bathtubs

Bathtubs are an important element in any bathroom space. Adding them to your bathroom will instantly make it appear more luxurious and classy. And when it comes to deep soaking bathtubs, they never really go out of style. Bathing will become more enjoyable and relaxing when you have this stylish piece in your bathroom. A white-colored bathtub will prove to be an excellent choice as it tends to go well with all home decor styles. For all the art-deco lovers, this bathtub might just be the right choice for you.

Framed mirrors

Mirrors are the soul of any bathroom space, which is not only a practical purchase but is also a stylish decor accent that can work favorably for your bathroom. Whether you are trying to spruce up the bathroom interiors or upgrading it with newer pieces, framed mirrors are the best choice for you to go with this year. Not only such mirrors are the most classic and timeless choice but also look classy enough to add to your bare bathroom wall. There are a plethora of frame mirrors available in the market; you can pick the one that looks the best to you.

Black bathtubs

If white bathtubs feel too basic to you or they just aren’t your taste, then there can be no better option than a black bathtub to add to your bathroom. It is the classiest and the boldest choice you can ever go with your bathtub. The black bathtub helps in adding opulence to space. You can further spruce the look of it by teaming it up with striking plumbing fixtures like golden, and it will instantly turn that corner into a stunning focal point in the whole space.

Experiment with shaped tiles

If color painting the walls of the bathroom is too big of a risk for you, then you can safely rely on differently shaped tiles to do the trick for you. While you may have seen plenty of rectangular subway tiles, but this year it’s all about funky and unique shaped tiles that will help in making a big impact in that space. Some shapes like hexagons and scallops are pushing rectangular shaped tiles out of the way to be seen in your bathroom this year. They will surely add visual interest to the bathroom space and make it appear every bit of classy and stylish.

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