Things to Avoid When Decorating a Coffee Table

Things to Avoid When Decorating a Coffee Table

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The coffee table is one of the centerpieces of the drawing room. Decorated with sofas and chairs all around the table this is the furniture that is going to be in sight of everyone. The design of the coffee table depends on the theme you are going for and at the same time the amount of space available in the room. You need to look for the right kind of table that would make your drawing room look better and that would match the sofas and chairs present there. After you have figured out what design you want you would want to decorate the table. Now it is easy to do so but there are some mistakes people often make when decorating them.

Things to Avoid When Decorating a Coffee Table

Placing Too Much Stuff

When you are decorating the coffee table, you should keep it in mind to make the space look chic and not messy. While you should place some things on the coffee table such as a tray with some books, candles, and even some flowers but placing all too many things might make the area feel messy. This then makes the space look chaotic and cluttered and ruins the look.

placing too much stuff

Stuffing Under

Coffee tables have space under the table and people try to utilize the space. They put all the things that they would not need for the moment there, for example, extra books that are piling on the coffee table would be placed under, extra electronics, chargers, and so many other things would be placed under the table. But even if you have the space you should not use that area for storage. It would look messy and a lot worse.

stuffing under

Not Selecting The Right Size

When someone decorates the living room, they start furnishing with sofas, chairs, and tables. A coffee table would be placed in the center with the sofas around and thus it is important to take time and then select the right kind of table for the room. This helps in making the room look good. If you get a small table, that would make the room look empty and if you get a bigger one, that would make the room congested. Look for the right size of table for the room.

Not Selecting The Right Size

Keeping Void

Do not keep the table empty. You should decorate the top of the table with something that would make your table look nice and the room charming and warm. There are many things that you can add to the coffee table such as a table runner, a set of candles, some small pots with flowers, floating candles, a set of books, a small fur scarf, and so many things. This makes the table look warm and homey. You should not leave it empty.

keeping void

Picking a Style

When you are decorating your living room, you would have thought of a theme that would go through the room when you are selecting things for the decoration. This will then help you to have an easy way to decorate but at the same time, you would want to have a bit of change in the room to add more warmth and comfort to the place. Such as having textiles over the table, and a blanket over the sofa to add a cozy factor. Similarly, when decorating the table you should look for different styles put all together.

picking a style


Avoid the mistakes listed above so that you get to have a beautiful living room. There are so many mistakes that people can make unknowingly and that can lead to creating chaos in the living room. These mistakes can make the place look untidy. To help your living room look tidy and decorated properly you have to look for ways to adorn and enhance the look of the place. There are so many ways you can elevate the living room, so many ways you can add things to the coffee table and make that the focus point of the room. You would be gathering together in the living room and thus you should beautifully set the coffee table.


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