Try these gorgeous green kitchen ideas today!

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Until a few months ago you would have seen kitchens with all coastal colors and cobalt. You would not find a single kitchen design without the deep blues. But now everything seems to be changed just like that. The blues have been replaced by the jade and emerald tones. So now it’s official: lively green kitchens are the talk of the town.
So now if your concern is how to get rid of the outdated blue and incorporate the new greens in your home, then don’t worry there are plenty of ways to do so. Green is such a versatile color that you can easily add some hints of the shade either by some verdant kitchen accessories or by having a malachite-inspired tile backsplash. Even a new marble countertop can be a fabulous idea to have that pop of green. 2020 is a great time to go green, so get inspired to redesign your favorite kitchen by reading some of the innovative ideas below.

Strawberry Pistachio

You can’t stop loving something like this. Simply combine the two most timeless color trends by having muted pink on the walls along with green-colored cabinets. It is like the most adorable pick to design the kitchen of your dreams. Another genius way can be to have a wall in broken colors. For example, put a bright streak of white at the top with matte black as a backsplash. It will give your space a cozy vibe giving it a Neapolitan-striped look.

Stone Age

Another great way to have greens in your kitchen space is to combine them gracefully with yellow-tinged hues. This combination will look superbly amazing especially when done in the striking stone slab countertop. Amalgamate with the waterfall edges, it will make the countertop an instant focal point of your kitchen making it look classy, elegant and modern. Add some ambient lighting with it and you won’t stop adoring the appearance of your modish kitchen.

Olive Love

You would pick this look at first glimpse. But when you look into it deeply, you would find it incredible. Get this style on board and honestly, you would fall in love with the olive-green color palette of your kitchen. Give your kitchen cabinets a bold new look with the classic avocado green color of the late 70s. This flamboyant pick would look fabulous with the light wood accents and ambient lighting on the top. Your space would look clean and fresh making it airier.

Mid-century Mix

The idea we are about to discuss is something that combines the traditional looks and makes the kitchen look modern at the same time. Have a nice blend of grey-green and bring a cozy vibe to your space. This versatile hue would look perfect with both a Saarinen-style tulip table as well as with East-Coast-cool beadboard and banquettes. So you can very well imagine how well it works with every style attributing the credit to the unifying powers of this awesome paint color.

Copper Tone


Last but definitely not least. You can consider it as the most superb and the most authentic idea on this list. There is a theory you would have certainly heard about. Opposites Attract! Yeah, we are trying to talk something that is quite similar to it. Create a great combination of orange-tinted copper with the lively green in the background. Of course, it is completely opposite to see it IRL, but trust us it is going to be marvelous. The charm will beautifully reflect in the sleek surface of this deep green shade and the unexpected floral motif above the cabinets will make the whole look cooler and whimsical.

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