Turn The House Into A Junglow

Turn The House Into A Junglow

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The word junglow is made by joining two words together, jungle and bungalow. This is the theme where you include nature in the house. This style encourages creativity and lets people be free with the decoration of the place. This helps in creating a soothing and comfortable environment for people living there and for people who would visit. Junglow style of decor is a mix of creativity, fluidity, uniqueness, nature, and some touches of bohemian decor style. The word jungle in the junglow represents being free and wild and decorating the interior with a wild and creative approach. You can have some exotic furniture, decorative elements, colors, and whatnot while decorating your house in a junglow style.

Ways to turn House into Jungle

You are given a list of things you can use to turn your house into a junglow.

1: Vivid colors

Vivid colors When it comes to junglow, you can start off with some vivid colors that will make the place have some new and vibrant pop of colors. Bold and vibrant colors make the area look and feel energetic. Not only the color of the walls but you can add these vivid colors by adding some rugs, curtains, pillows, cushions, blankets, and other things in the room that are of vibrant colors. You can get some vibrantly decorated pots where you can put some plants in and add some splash of colors inside the house.

2: A lot of plants

A lot of plants Junglow means bungalow and jungle and jungle means plants and trees and loads of nature. To incorporate the style inside the house it is important to have some or many plants inside the house. This way you can make your house look natural and more in style and at the same time makes the area feel fresh and vibrant with the vivid shades of green brought in the house with the help of the leaves of the plants. You can get some tropical plants to create a tropical vibe.

3: Tropical pattern

Tropical pattern As said before this is all about nature and bringing the freshness and essence of natural things inside the house. You can make the house and the interior have that tropical vibe with not just the plants but also with some tropical patterns such as wallpapers, wall posters, hanging, cushions, tapestry, and other places where you can decorate it with the tropical pattern. Create some pattern on pattern look and introduce some vintage patterns in the house.

4: Antiques and accents

Antiques and accents Display your antiques and global accents, such as the souvenirs you have collected across the globe on the shelves of the walls. This will bring some global elements into the house and make the house have your personal touch to it. You can collect different souvenirs when you travel and have them displayed on one side of the room. This creates a beautiful mix and match of different things. Encourages creativity and uniqueness, this style provides a cute bohemian and eclectic look to the place.

5: Cozy fabrics and materials

Cozy fabrics and materials To make the place look comfortable and cozy, you can go for some cozy and soft fabrics for the upholstery such as getting the puffs, ottomans, sofas, chairs with velvet, or some other soft fabric. You can also use a rug in the room that can add additional comfort and warmth to the place and make you feel at ease. These fabrics can have patterns and prints to match the theme. Soft and comfy fabric makes the place feel cozy and welcoming. You can get vibrant colors and prints and can use these to decorate any area of the room. Get some tropical printed curtains for your place.


You can look for some other ideas and can be creative and innovative when it comes to decorating your house in this beautiful and free junglow style. Junglow style can be incorporated in maximal as well as minimal home style, you just need to look for different ways to include this style into your house. This is one of the ideal styles to spruce up the house for any gardening enthusiast because this style has no limit or rule when it comes to using plants inside the house or outside the house. Get started and turn your house into a cute junglow.

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