Twinkle Lights Decor for Bedroom

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The bedroom is one corner of the home everyone loves to spend their time. You have a bed and the lamps switch, and what not just at a hand distance in this room that makes it all the way more lovely. Everyone loves their bedroom place and thus wants it to be all shiny and glimmery all the time. You obviously don’t like it too bright all the time and if you have a small bedroom then, you need to compromise on one of the things, such as either giving up your master bed or give up the side tables where you can place some lamps. However, today we are presenting you with a solution for the side table lamps and what we are going to place instead are the twinkle lights. You all know they are quite cheap maybe $3 or $4, you can find these in local home stores. Let’s dive in the ways you are going to use these twinkle lights.
Bed headwall

If you are someone who doesn’t like texture or wallpaper on your bedhead wall, yet looking for something that will make it looks like the wall. So twinkle lights are the greatest idea of all, you can just put these light in symmetry or asymmetry, as you like and the wall will come out to be great. You can add some lights in a zig-zag pattern and place some lovely pictures with the help of cloth clips. These are cheap and you can find them easily at any nearby store. So place these around and see the amazing look. The length of lights will totally depend upon the area you need to cover so purchase some extra. You can return them always if they aren’t any leftovers.

Magical Bed
To get a feeling of magical bed you need these lights in abundance and for sure some net curtains. This DIY need you to attach a curtain rod on the headwall as well as on the center of the ceiling. So, purchase some net curtains, or a light fabric curtains. Now, how many you need depends upon the size of your bed. A normal size single bed would require three curtains at the back and three curtains above. Now you may have a wage idea how much you will need. Other than that, you will need an extension cable if you don’t have and electric plug near the bed. Now work your way with the lights in a hanging motion for the back wall and a curvier for the upper wall. Place some net curtain with the rode and you are all set.

Behind The Dressing

If your room has the dressing table as well as the bed in a similar room then, you need to light up the back wall of the dresser, to have the perfect lights reflected to your face. What you need is some twinkle lights and some artificial green fences. Along the ceiling, place some of the green fences; you need to measure the size of the wall before you purchase it. Now, make some small curves of twinkle lights along the fence. Lastly, add twinkle light two layers, one behind the mirror and another on the edges of the mirror.

Write On Wall

Buy a bunch of these lights and write your initials on the headwall of your bed. Use some transparent tape and a pencil just to draw what you wish to write. Move these lights alone the writing and you are done. One more thing to add is a single layer of lighting wouldn’t do much thus, do it a minimum of three layers and you will just love how the wall comes out to be. Make sure the font isn’t just casual it should be special. Try on some font on a rough sheet, before you proceed to the wall. Creating your initials is just a suggestion. You can stick to a single word like ‘Progress’ or ‘Success’ anything that will match your personality.

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