Unique Colorful Plants For Your Living Room

Unique Colorful Plants For Your Living Room

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Our living rooms can radiate a lot of energy if we add more plants to enhance their beauty. Unique plants, if you look at them closely, are like beautiful paintings done in pure realism. They are attractive to the core. They radiate blissfulness. They add life and vigor to a dull home. It generates a sense of belongingness in the hearts of the occupants. If you are too worked up with the cliché greens and produce plants in your garden and around your perfect-height windows.

Here are some epic recommendations of unique colorful plants to add to your living room.

Colorful Plants For Your Living Room

Nerve Plant

This particular plant is known for its detailed veining pattern in its deep dark sage-like green leaves. The rough texture is evident. But the overall color of the foliage is much sober with its veins bringing a deep contrast almost as if the lines were engraved by hands. Many times, the veins come through in a shade of peach or pink which looks majestic combined with the green/purple color of the leaf plate.

nerve plant


Anthuriums are great delicate plants to add to your home vanity. With its exquisite style and commendable beauty, the plant easily stands out with its ever-beautiful flower that has no match in the world. The flower is always a bright shade of either white, pink, cream, red, green, plum, purple, or orange with its coarse stigma held upright. It easily stands out in any living room interior and is very adaptable because of its varied range of colors. The green leaves beneath only add to its beauty.



This Christmas-inspired beauty is sweet candy for interior lovers. With its dark leaves contrasting with its bright red leaves unholding atop that resemble its blossom, it makes for a truly unique plant! No wonder why it is such a loved plant. It builds a great contrast in the holiday season with snow in its backdrop. Bring home this beauty and enjoy the bright glow of its leaves. The plant is an easy replacement for dark roses and is bushy too!


Pink Polka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant has the most artistic leaves which make the plant truly stand out! The plant is very bushy spreading its foliage in all directions. It has subtle pink or deep red leaves with a haphazard veining and outlining in green, purple, or grey. You can get a hold of any of these. The variety of colors seen in this plant is enormous and even a single plant produces different color patterns in its leaves. No need for flowers here, the leaves alone do the work!

pink polka dot plant

Persian Shield

A very hardy plant indeed, the leaves are bespoke of bold beauty with edgy leaves. The color is exquisitely deep and much more varied than we can think of. Each plant developed a new shade in its leaves. The pattern of veining remains sleek and standard in Veridian green while the sharp leaves lay in violets and purple. The attractive combination of the two colors makes for a quick revamp of the living room easily. It is so filled with bright colors that it is hard to take your eyes off them.

persian shield

Here were some of the best plans to showcase in your dear living room to make yourself feel at home. The ultimate sweet glimpses of these plants would make you and your home feel special. Their unique combination of colors will add hints of glitter to your living room. Their not-so-common colors get mixed with your dear interior very well. The plants can be a great lawn addition too! Suit yourselves!

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