Unique Flower Décor Ideas That You’ll Love

Unique Flower Décor Ideas That You’ll Love

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Flowers are universally lovable. Their fragrance and beauty often spellbind us. Their scope is limitless, and their aroma is majestic. All in all, they are the most versatile items of decoration because they are highly adaptable. But it looks like we have overused the same tips and tricks of décor using flowers. Although they are as lavish as they have always been there are many other ways too to get the fragrant token of nature in your space. If flowers make you unprecedently happy and satisfied, read the following ideas for decorating a space.

Unique Flower Décor Ideas

1. Across Table Runners

Table runners can be lavishly loaded with flowers, candles, and more leaves into vases, baskets, or otherwise. The most tempting food items will come through nicely because the decoration is so natural and down to earth. The look would be very warm and welcoming here. You may go as lush or as chic as glass vases as you like. Get your hands on some empty champagne bottles for the vases.

across table runners


2. As Curtains

Flowers are sewn in to make long strings are a great way of putting decoration to work. The starting point here would be to get the right flowers. Choosing the ones that wither in an instant won’t last the arrangement, let alone beautify the room with their presence. The arrangement of such strings creates a curtain through which, you can fill any space. Want to get the most out of your flower-beaded curtains? Add pearls and colorful beads for extra dazzle.

flower curtain


3. Floating in the Water

A large pool or a small bowl, whatever your needs may like, can be poured with colorful petals of different flowers of your choice, including the ones that are not fragrant. This way you get the flowers fresh for a long and the water keeps them uplifted. Complemented well with the floating candles and added glitter, you will the fresh flowers dazzling and dancing on top of the water and their little moving helping you alleviate yourself!

floating in the water


4. Flower Hangings

There are multiple ways to craft something out of flowers, apart from bouquets. Are you looking for solid decor inspiration and don’t know what to do? Give the little wonders a chance. Get the flowers woven into different shapes so that they can be hung from the ceiling. Or you can simply hang many strings of different lengths straight from the ceiling to create lush and filled space. This will be an instant success.

flower hangings


5. As Potpourri

Potpourri is a fragrant collective of dried flowers and leaves and it comes with additional scents mixed with it. Now if you want the flowers in your presence, get hold of a bunch of flowers and petals along with some fruits and dry them together in the oven until dried out but shouldn’t be burnt at all. The evaporated fruits would emit some aroma and so will the flowers. You can put some essential oil into action and right up and go and buy a potpourri packet with a similar scent/mix.



Bottom line:

Try out these ways of weaving flowers into your home décor and getting a floral touch wherever you like. Through these ideas, you would be able to expand the scope of flowers. It is always better to use the real ones. They are pleasant smelling and look full of hard work. The curations can be done as you like, flowers don’t need super hard planning. The space makes just any bunch favorable to it. If you are new to the décor stuff, flowers will help you start strong and mindfully while you are drifted in their scent.

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