Unusual Colors To Paint The Front Door

Unusual Colors To Paint The Front Door

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As much one loves to decorate the interiors of the house, one should also like decorating the exterior of the house as it provides the guest with the first impression of the house. You should make sure that the outsides of your house are painted well and neat. If you have a yard outside then make sure to maintain the yard in a good manner. You need to take care of everything and in that everything comes from the main door of the house, the one you use to enter the house, the one people see first when they visit your place. To spruce, up the place, let’s say bye to the plain old black, white, or brown paints you use for the house and say hello to some unusual ones.

Unusual Colors To Paint The Front Door

1: Just peachy

If you are looking for soft decor and to make the surroundings look fresh and soft then go with some light or pastel shades. Here you are looking at the soft shade of peach that can be used as the paint for your front door and can make your door look beautiful you can adorn it with some plants on either side of the door to have a pretty green and peach contrast. This color provides a cute and refreshing vibe to the area.

2: Light blue

Why go with the basic blacks and browns when you can get creative and use some amazing colors to paint your front door with. Paint your front door with a stunning color such as a baby blue or a light blue color to add freshness and a cool aura to the place. This color looks great at the entrance and makes you feel fresh when you come back home. This is a great color as it makes the house feel inviting and comfy for your visitors as well.

3: Purple/Eggplant

Eggplant is a bit darker shade of purple and looks great if your exterior is painted of a light shade such as beige or white. If your house is of a lighter shade on the exterior then you can create a contrast by painting the front door of your house with some dark shades such as purple/eggplant. This color has a lavish vibe to it and makes your place feel grand and luxurious. They also add a vintage touch to the house.

4: Bright orange

Again for the houses with a light exterior paint such as white, cream, beige, you can use some bright and vibrant colors to balance the light color. Here you can use a bright orange shade to paint the front door with and create a vibrant aura. Orange is a refreshing color that is energetic and fun. You can place some plants near the door to create a beautiful contrast of orange and green. This color provides you with energy when you get to your house and makes you feel refreshed. Get a vibrant shade of orange and paint your front door with it.

5: Grey

If you do not want to be extra creative or do not want to make the front door painted in vibrant shades but still want to go beyond black and brown then you can go with grey color. Grey color is a pretty color and you can get so many different shades in this color. You can adorn your front door with any shade of grey from the lightest grey to the darkest one. Decorate the area with some flowers to add some vibrance and to make the area feel refreshing. Grey is a beautiful color for exterior decor.


These are some of the unusual colors you can use to paint your front door to create a new and vibrant vibe. This makes the surroundings look energetic and these colors are an ideal way to represent your personality and vibe. You can get some ideas and start by looking for the right paint for your front door. There are so many unique and beautiful colors out there that you can use to adorn your front door and create a unique and cute first impression on people. Get started with decorating your house.

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