Upgrade your dining table to give it an edgy look

Upgrade your Dining Table to give it an Edgy Look

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You are lucky if you have a separate dining room in your house. In case you didn’t have one, you must be having a gorgeous dining table in either your living room space or your kitchen. Wherever it may be, it is one such spot where all your friends and family members get together to have a fun time. So you should spruce it up in the best way you can to give all of them the best meal experience. Do it in a way that you all feel like you are having a fancy meal at a lavish restaurant or a funky cafe. Below we have given a few ideas and tips to aesthetically make up your dining table.

Upgrade Your Dining Table


Runner Start with the runners. they are something that has the ability to give a clean, chic look to your shabby dining table. But if you are already having a modish one, a nice table runner would increase the overall aesthetic value and make it look all more fabulous. So add that elegant touch to your space by picking a pretty runner that would elevate the look and make it more chic and classy. And whenever you go to buy one, keep in mind to pick one that hangs over the table from its every end. It will give a regal look. In case you have a wooden dining table, then go for a colored runner but for a glass table, metallics and nudes would prove to be suitable options.

Plants / Flowers

Plants Do you know which is the best to effortlessly decorate any kind of place? It is the beautiful flowers that hold the power to refresh any place. So it can certainly work for your dining space as well. Try to incorporate some tiny plants such as ferns and money plants that would add life to your table while maintaining its freshness too. They look great on the vibrant mats or trays you must have kept on your table. Pick any material such as wood, marble or clay for the trays. And when it comes to keeping your flowers, you can have a solid, glass or terra cotta vase. Colors can be a great way to add a fun element and that touch of playfulness to your space. But make sure to coordinate them with the decor with your space. Even faux flowers and plants can prove to be great options.


Candles Next what we are going to talk about is a great option that would add to the aesthetics and make you place more lively. Yes, we are talking about candles here. Candles can change the whole ambiance and can enlighten it like never before. Pick anything that suits the style and decor of your space. It can be chunky, thin, fat, metallic or white. What we are saying is, choose whatever you feel like. You can even create a nice candlelight dinner kind-of thing by having some scented candles.


Coasters Another a little yet interesting method of adding that design element to your dining table. A set of lovely coasters would not only serve as a decor piece but also prove to be quite functional. It will help in avoiding stains from drinks and water on the table. You can even go for some trendy options like the ones with beads or made of wooden material. Something classic like leather or embellished would also look quite impressive.

Olive n’ Vinegar

Olive Vinegar To give your space a look o a classy Italian restaurant, you can consider adding some lovely vinegar and olive oil serving bottles. You would find it anywhere as they are available everywhere in the market. This way you would also be able to top up your salads in an easy manner. Make your table classy and edgy by considering this option.

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