Useful decluttering tips to spruce up your living room

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Your living room is probably the first room that any guest sees which is why it’s really important to keep it in its best state always. Cluttering is the biggest enemy of any room, which can easily make any space appear very untidy and unorganized. This is your home we are talking about, and it shouldn’t appear anything like untidy as it is the last thing you would want your guests to see. Clean and organized rooms with all the elements in their right place are what make your house a home. Before anything else, decluttering is what you should focus on while working on your house. While we understand that it’s hard to keep your living room in its tidiest state always, but a little effort and some work won’t hurt if it means that this will keep your home looking beautiful and organized. To give your living room a functional, cozy, and warm feel, make the use of these decluttering tips.

Keep the coffee table clean

In most of the cases, a coffee table remains the focal point of the living room, which is why it’s important to keep it in the cleanest and tidiest state which will work favorably for your living space. While we understand that you sometimes get the urge to decorate it with some of the prettiest decor pieces, but you can avoid doing that with your coffee table as covering it with various elements is only going to work negatively for your living space. To give your living room a clutter-free appearance, make sure that the top of it is almost 75% unoccupied.

Keep the decor guest friendly

Keeping your living room guest friendly is the easiest way to work up your living space. For instance, keeping some decor pieces like candles, vases, and other decorative accents on a small handled tray will make it easier for you to carry all that stuff at once whenever you are expecting some guests at your house. This way you can easily get rid of all the excess clutter that’s making your home appear cluttered and unorganized. You can relocate the tray to some other place where your guests won’t becoming.

Color coordinate the throw pillows

Throw pillows serve as an important decorative accent, but you should know that going overboard with them isn’t going to do any good for your living space. Adding more than three throw pillows on a small couch is only going to make your living room appear unorganized and cluttered, and this also depends on the color scheme and pattern of the pillows. Just keep the pillows complimentary to each other and always have one solid-colored pillow to make things look cohesive. And if your couch is huge enough, you can go on with 5 throws with 2 solid colored and 3 patterned ones.

Create a good flow in the space

Decorating is not only about where you put the pieces; it’s also about what all pieces you are choosing to add in that space. You should try to create as much flow as you can while decorating any space in your house as it will help in creating a much more appealing effect in the rooms and make them appear decluttered and nicely organized. Try including at least one furniture piece that is round in shape so that it’s easier for people to walk around without bumping their knees. Also, you can add versatile furniture pieces to create an easy flow in the space like an ottoman, which you can put to use in so many ways.

Baskets to the rescue

Some pieces like baskets can prove to be your literal best friend, especially when it comes to storage. For all the necessary stuff that you can’t really let your guests see in the living room, these baskets can turn out to be your savior. Whether you are using these baskets to store all your throw blankets, pillows, or any other important living room essential, one thing is for sure that they are going to be extremely useful to you, which will help you in keeping the living space neat and tidy all the time.


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