Useful tips to create the perfect cozy reading nook

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No matter how busy your schedule is, you should always take some time out for yourself and rather spend it in a spot where you can breathe easily, feel relaxed and cozy. And there’s no better spot than a cozy reading nook that comes to our mind. Even if it’s for 5 minutes that you are keeping yourself completely unoccupied, it will feel like a luxury. Dedicating a space in your house, whether it’s a small corner in your room or an entire room dedicated to it, just understand that having such space is extremely important where you can put all the stuff that gives you peace such as books, magazines, a soft cozy sitting area or anything that can help in giving you a sense of peace and calmness. The key to decorating your reading nook perfectly is adding all those things that make you happy and soothed. Whether it’s a cozy chair, a soft throw blanket, flowers, books or even your favorite pup, it can be anything that can calm your senses and affects your mood positively.
To help you create a perfect reading nook for yourself, we have laid a list of some decorating ideas for you that will add a sense of coziness and happy vibe in that space.

Add soft elements


What is your idea of perfect seating in your reading nook? Maybe a chair you can totally sink into or a seating that is covered in soft plush fabric like a white faux fur one. No matter how you like your seating to be, adding soft elements, particularly the material, will help in softening things up in your reading nook. Look for a chair that has a sumptuous feel to it and you can further spruce things up by adding accent throw pillow which will add a bit of texture as well as some decorative touch to space. Incorporate some other decor elements like a lamp, side table, family picture or anything you like, to make that space more personal as well as cozy.

Incorporate a bookshelf

No matter if it’s a tiny reading corner or an entire room that we are dealing with, adding a bookshelf will work wonderfully for space. Not only it will provide you with an opportunity to display the collection of your books but it will also make space look more inviting. If your space is a little too small to have a bookshelf alongside it then you can consider creating a built-in bookshelf bordering the reading nook to create a small, cozy corner for yourself.

Add a pop of color

Bright, lively colors have this amazing ability to infuse happy vibe, energy, and fun, lively spirit into the rooms. So, when given the chance you better utilize the opportunity the right way. Playing with colors in your reading nook will completely transform the way that space appears. If you want to turn your reading nook into your happy space, there can be no better shot of doing it than adding a pop of color. From adding colorful throw pillow to including a vibrant colored chair, anything colorful will work favorably in that space, making it appear more cheery and fun.

Surround yourself with greenery

Adding something as small as some tiny green plants can make a big difference in the way your reading nook appears. Create a tropical vibe in your reading space to have a sense of calmness and peace whenever you plan on reading something. Nature can be a great stress buster, which is why adding plants inside of your house is considered to be a great option as it not only boosts your spirits but also banishes all the stress and improves your mood to a great extent. You can add as many plants as you like, that’s completely your choice.

Trade your regular chair for wooden hammock


To add more interest and cutesy feel to your reading nook, consider replacing your regular chair or seating with a wooden hammock that can instantly turn a bland space into looking happy and cheerful in no time. Hang it in one corner of the room alongside the bookshelf, if you have one in the room. To make the hammock feel more comfortable and cozy to see and sit on, you can add a soft plush fabric like a white faux fur material to do the trick for you.

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