Wall off your room with these incredible ideas

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If you want to wall off your room but don’t have the required budget to make any permanent changes, then we have some creative ideas in store for you. You might be aware that building a permanent wall could cost from $2000 to around $10,000. So it certainly can’t be the friendliest option although it is an effective one. Save yourself from investing your time and money to build a true wall and simply seek some decorative room divider ideas. And we have provided some of our best suggestions for you.

Metal Chain Link Curtain

It will help you accomplish your aim in the most awesome way possible. A chain curtain will work multiple ways, it would make a nice impact and break up your room at the same time. This wall alternative is one of its kind, that gives your space a rich, luxurious feel. It is one of those artistic ideas that lift up your place instantly and makes it groovy. Break up your space with a cool curtain to add that lacking drama and a bit of spice. It will also provide you with the necessary privacy, you are probably putting it up for. Make a customized piece with the help of a local metal artist.

Floor to Ceiling Light Installation

This is one of the most innovative ideas on our list. It is quite similar to the above idea but it doubles up the fun with an ambient light source. Use this artistic idea that must not be as cost-effective as it seems. But you can choose among different options and chose the one that suits you. It is one of those striking solutions that you can customize according to the height and width of your place. You can even move the vertical bulbs according to your convenience and create any type of vibe according to your mood by adjusting its brightness. DIY by installing a curtain string lights or a series of down-lit strings if you are on a budget.

Plants and Large Planters

An idea that will help you bring liveliness, add a boost of energy to your place while fulfilling your ulterior motive at the same time. You can create a faux half wall with the help of large planters and plants. Bring in colors and also add freshness with the help of live plants. They will also improve the quality of air in your room. And an added advantage is that they are available in variable heights and sizes, giving you enough options to choose from.

Open Shelving

If you don’t want to completely enclose your space and divide it at the same time, then consider the idea of using open shelving. It acts as a perfect room divider as it gives the required depth and height a permanent wall would provide. Further, it gives you an opportunity to add to the storage space as well as to decorate it while the light flows through your whole space. Simply install it wherever you need a divider. Moreover, it is completely portable and you can move it anywhere, anytime you want to. Try to have a piece that is heavy and wide to prevent it from toppling.

Rope Installation

Lastly, we are providing you with an idea that does not involve anything related to working with an electrician or involves some kind of plugging. Just go for a DIY rope installation that helps to organize the space organically, while adding texture at the same time. It works well for small spaces while filtering light nicely. This method makes you space appear larger and also gives you a vibe of having multiple spaces in a single room. A rope also adds to the decor element while giving you creative liberties for the ways you can fasten your rope.

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