Ways to Add the Spa Feel To the Bathroom

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To all of us, those who have less or no time in our busy lives to visit a spa so instead if you get to create a spa feel in the bathroom then wouldn’t you just love it? There are a few essential you need to install in your bathroom to get the luxurious feel of the spa. Before we go further, we must say the decor could be luxurious for the large size bathroom, but if you have small ones you can always add tiny bits of the look and have the clam, relaxed, Zen feeling in your own home. Without a due let’s just begin.

Best Ways To Add Your Bathroom To The Spa


Waterfall Earlier having a waterfall at-home, use to bring a lot of cleaning work as over the time water left its marks and sometimes you get the moss. However, with the technical development, you don’t really have to add on the water to it. There is a chemical liquid that gives an impression of water and remains clear all the time. This will definitely need lesser cleaning. So you can add on this waterfall wall as a partition between the showering area and the rest. This liquid will offer you calm and peace sensation especially if you are taking a bath in lukewarm water.

Golden Interior

Golden Interior You might have seen in the spas how the walls are clear white or their a textured plain wallpaper with some golden effects in it, so if you are going for a white wall then, must get some golden tiles to work in between, making it bright but not too much just like a line vertically or horizontally in the center of the wall. Gold color has a warm effect and white is a cool color, so both of them give you a pretty view and most amazing look. You must get some gold-tone wine glasses or a shampoo condition jar in golden. The taps can also be in the gold touch. All in all, add somewhat gold, not all of it but certainly some visible addition.

Bubble Mirrors

Bubble Mirrors Now it’s going to be a mirror or mirrors depend upon the size of the space. In case you have lesser space then you can settle for a single mirror in any shape you like. You can go for a rectangular mirror that really looks great and they are huge pieces. Now the spacious one can go for a bunch of mirrors in an asymmetrical shape and size to cover a huge chunk of the wall probably the area next to the basin, or any other empty wall. Mirrors will increase the beauty of this room as every light will be reflected on their surface giving a lively feel. You can go for over the basin look as well, but it wouldn’t look as great as a whole wall covered with the mirror.


Flooring We majorly have two areas in a washroom. One surface has the water flow all the time like the bathing area. However, if you have placed a bathing tub, your floor doesn’t really get wet frequently. So if you have convertible bathtub and shower area you wouldn’t be able to do this flooring idea. However, you can do this next to the basin and your walkway. You must know there is white sand near the ocean so get some of that white sand and add some crystals to it while you sprinkle it near the bathtub or just around the corners in the entryway. If you add some essential oil drops to sand, your bathroom will just flourish. Besides you can add some sea salt to the sand. This really absorbs the moist smell from your bathroom.
Lights plays their role so get some Bluetooth light that could be brightened or dimmed according to your mood. There are color ranges as well so invest in these LED’s.

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