Ways to Decorate the Foyer or the Entrance Hall

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After the outdoor entrance, the first thing a person sees in your home is the foyer or the hallway. However modern apartments are losing this trend over the years but this tradition is been preserved by the housing building. They arrange the space in their homes depending upon the infrastructure of the home. Mostly these places aren’t huge as they were before, although these are small elongated passage leading to the living room. When it comes to decorating it we usually don’t get many options however we have brought you a few ideas that could help you get an attractive hallway for your home.


You know how mirrors work like magic. These beauties can make your hallway seems bigger and enticing. Take a big mirror and place it somewhere in the middle of the wall. This will make your guests see themselves in the mirror while they are passing by. They will be pleased to see how do they look. Apart from that mirrors make the space look bigger. So installing a big mirror is required, however, it depends on the size of the wall as well.

Carpet or Rugs Placing a carpet or a Rug according to the space is necessary. Moreover these days, you find so many varieties of carpets and rugs in different shapes and sizes to choose one for yourself. A trick, if you have a long rectangular hallway and you are unable to find a perfect carpet or rug to it then, you can go for two similar rugs and attach them together from their edges with the help of a super glue. This will give you long similar pattern flooring.

Sleek or Round Tables

Its true modern buildings don’t demand to leave much of a space for the foyer or the hallway in the beginning somehow if you have ample space then, go for the classic look with the round table in the center of the hall. Otherwise you can place some small sleek tables attached to the wall and decorate them with art effects. Now, if you have stairs in this space then you have a room for a round table just at the beginning of the stairs. At the side of the door, you can place a basket that can hold your umbrellas and a hanging coat stand.

Plants Rather than going for artificial flowers wouldn’t it be better to plant indoor plants that will live for long? They wouldn’t be boring and you won’t forget to water them as you are going to pass by the hallway frequently. Nurturing the plant will help you remain calm and brings life to your home. Fresh plants always look refreshing and make you feel the same. You can place these on the tables or the edges on the wall in the corner. Adding a small plant next to the umbrella basket can be done as well,

Candles Candles with their yellow flame brighten the room and now that we have got the scented candles, nothing will make you feel relaxed then, their lights in the room. The candles emit the fragrance while they are burning, which is a slow process. Therefore it helps your mind attain peace and it feels relaxed with the decent odor of the candles. Get some beautiful candle stand and place some candles on top of it. You will just love how this look goes.

Hanging Lights

Lights are a major part of lighting a room, if you have the accurate lighting in the room then, the room can feel cozy and bright at the same time. So you can place some hanging lights in the foyer. Placing a big chandelier in the center or placing lights leaving some space, either of it can be done. Similarly, you can add a long floor lamp to this place and also add some small lamps to the table corners.

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