Ways To Use Terrazzo Tiles In The House

Ways To Use Terrazzo Tiles In The House

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Terrazzo is not something new or unique. It has been in the decor for centuries. It is known for being versatile, and vibrant because this is a mixture of marble, granite, glass, and other materials mixed in resin on concrete. This is a versatile material that can be used to decorate several areas of the house. Usually, this is used as the flooring of the house but you can use it in several other ways to create a beautiful and stylish interior. You can use terrazzo tiles and decorate the interior of the house with them, providing the house with a spunky and wonderful vibe. The list below tells you about the different ideas you can look up when decorating your house with Terrazzo Tiles.

Ways To Use Terrazzo Tiles In The House

1: Using these tiles as the kitchen backsplash

Instead of using them as the flooring, you can use the terrazzo tiles as the kitchen backsplash. The kitchen needs colors and vibrancy too and you can provide that by decorating the area with these stunning and vibrant tiles. You can either use these tiles to decorate just the area behind the stove or can decorate that whole wall. There are several ways you can decorate your kitchen with these tiles.

2: Terrazzo on the kitchen counter

If not for the backsplash, you can use the tiles and decorate the kitchen counter with them. You cannot neglect the kitchen counter and keep them simple and boring. Instead, you can use the terrazzo tiles and can create a colorful and lively counter which will in turn change the whole look of the kitchen. You can also decorate the kitchen island with these tiles.

3: Tiles on shower walls

It is a common practice to install tiles around the shower to protect the walls from the water and to make the area look tidy and nice. If you feel like changing the look of the bathroom, you can go with these amazing terrazzo tiles. These tiles have different sizes and shapes of marbles and granites and you can select the size of the stones depending on the use. If you are using these tiles in the bathroom, you can get the one with smaller and finers pieces. This will create a sophisticated and chic look in the kitchen.

4: Terrazzo wallpaper on one wall in the room

If you want to create a statement wall in one of the rooms, mostly the living room or the bedroom then you can get yourself a terrazzo print wallpaper. Instead of going and getting the tiles and then installing them on the wall you can get a wallpaper similar to the tiles and put it on the wall. This will create beautiful decor in the room and will add to the interior of the place. You can then decorate the area with the hues that are in the wallpaper. If the print consists of dark shades then paint the room with dark hues and vice versa.

5: Terrazzo accessories around the house

Terrazzo accessories are ideal for people who want to have this print in the interior but not as the base or not too overpowering. You can get a lot of things that are in this print such as utensils, soap dispensers, other bathroom products, pots, candleholders, vases, and so much more. These are ideal for those who want to incorporate this beautiful design but do not want to use it in flooring, walls, tables, and other things in the house.


These are some of the ideas that you can use in your house and decorate the interior of your space with these versatile tiles. They add color and vibrancy to the place and make them look good. You can use these tiles in other areas in your house and spruce the space up. There are numerous ways to style the area and also numerous other tiles that you can use. These work well with all shades and hues. You can pair them with light shades such as beige, cream, or light green and can also pair them with blue, olive green, and even black. Spruce up the space with some stunning terrazzo tiles.

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