Beautify Your Small Bathroom In The Most Effortless Ways

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If you have been tired of having the same old bathroom for years then you should know that you’re not alone in this. Many homeowners for one reason or two don’t really get a chance to give their bathroom a makeover and that can be mostly attributed to the renovation expenses and sometimes the rental thing as well. But in either of the cases, this shouldn’t strike as a problem because there are so many things that you can do within your bathroom space without remodeling it or offending your homeowners. You should create a space that you like and always keep all the options open that can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

No matter or small your bathroom is, by making a few changes here and there, you can easily turn it into a warm and inviting space in no time.

Use removable wallpaper

One of the easiest and effective ways to give your bathroom a stunning makeover is to add removable wallpaper to the walls. You can literally turn a dead space into a full glam and elegant bathroom using lively and dramatic wallpaper. You can easily find removable wallpapers in the market that are suitable to be used in a bathroom which sees a moist environment. Once you have got tired or bored of them, you can easily get them removed and replace them with something new and refreshing. From florals and geometrical shapes to stripes and animal print, you can find these wallpapers in so many amazing options; get the one that matches the style and overall decor of your bathroom.

Add greenery

No matter what room of the house you’re working on, plants always add to the beauty of the room and make it look more lively, illuminating, and airier. Plants can prove to be a great addition to your bathroom as well. Apart from adding a pop of color to the bathroom, they also help in creating a certain aroma and freshness in the space which only adds to its warm and inviting environment. And you most certainly don’t have to be a green thumb to go ahead with this styling trick. Plants that thrive in the bathroom’s warm and humid environment require zero to minimal care which is a plus.

Create a gallery wall

Another amazing thing you can do in your bathroom is creating a gallery wall. While the idea may come across a little bizarre to you as you have only seen the gallery wall in the living room or bedroom, but this can totally work in your bathroom as well. There can be no better way of filling up your big boring bare wall which is doing nothing for the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. To make the artwork pop out and look more arresting, you can consider painting the wall black. Display your collection of art, photographs, favorite quotes in different shaped and sized frames.

Incorporate a bathroom rug

Of course, you need a good rug in your bathroom as you wouldn’t want to risk yourself getting slipped on the bathroom tiles or even taking your damp feet inside the bedroom. Look for a rug with nonslip backing and it doesn’t have to be its typical self. You can experiment with its colors and patterns which can help to add playful vibe into space whilst also adding a splash of color within the bathroom. Vibrant rugs instantly add so much life into the bathroom and make it seem more inviting.

Replace your shower curtain

Do you know a thing as simple as shower curtain can work wonders for your bathroom and make it turn from drab to fab in no freaking time? No matter how dull or mundane your bathroom looks, by simply replacing your shower curtain, you can easily make your bathroom look more cheerful and bright. You can either purchase a shower curtain from the stores or you can also get it customized as per your liking and according to the theme of the bathroom as well to make things look more cohesive.

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