Indoor plants that will last forever, Literally!

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Indoor plants are the most attractive part of your house because they add some character to your space and also turn out to be beneficial for your health. Some indoor plants are bound to last forever in the interior of your house and will also amp the aesthetics of your house. Here are some of the best indoor plants that you should pick right away.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is a very common plant in households because they are long-lasting and look pretty because of a variation in color. This plant is also known as hens and chicks and showcases a very unique design. With a mixture of white and green colors together in the form of striped leaves, this one will turn out to be a major decorative plant in your house. It will enhance the overall look of your house and also last for a really long time. This plant is nearly impossible to kill because it can tolerate both artificial lights as well as natural sunlight. Moreover, the soil of these plants needs to be kept moist, neither dry nor wet. So, if you choose them for your space, they will add a very vintage appeal to a room. The reason why we said that these will last forever in your house is that they are known for producing baby plants that spread like a spider web. So, before you know, they will form a huge jungle of spider plants.

Pothos Pothos is also known as Devil’s Ivy. Just as unique as its name, this gorgeous plant has heart-shaped leaves. These leaves make the plant look super pretty and make for a great decorative piece for your home. The best thing about Pothos is that it can survive in low light and so, it can be successfully placed in office as well as those areas of the home that are shady. Thus, they conveniently add aesthetics to your house and make it feel much more refreshed and positive. The only reason that it should be placed in a little bit of lighting is that with a dash of light, it will look even more gorgeous. It requires minimal care and thus makes for one of those plants that will last forever.

Aloe Plant This one had to be on the list because of such gorgeous features. The leaves of this plant certainly look pretty and have multiple benefits as well. So, if you do not have this one in your home yet, pick it right away. Aloe plant is supposed to be underwatered and the roots need to be paid attention. But even if you don’t water it for a few weeks, this plant will survive on its own. Moreover, the best thing about this aloe plant is that it holds water for a really long time and so, the soil does not dry out. It is self-contained. Minimal effort on your end to not let the soil dry out will give this one really long life. You don’t have to pick it in huge sizes. You can pick it in small sizes and still cast an everlasting impression.

Calathea All the aforesaid plants are lush green and are great for curating an indoor garden for your house. But this one adds a pop of color to your space. There are so many plants that are colorful and bring vibrancy to the area but this one has grabbed our hearts the most. The purple, green, pink, and red leaves of this plant are simply gorgeous and it is hard to believe the existence of something this pretty. The reason why it will survive for a long time in your house is that it has to be kept away from direct sunlight. Only then it can grow in the right way. It is also known as a prayer plant and is famous for its looks and survival years. The mottled leaves of this plant grow well indoors, so do not let go of this one.

Asparagus Fern

Not such a common indoor plant but totally worth it if you wish to add some variation. Asparagus Fern is very attractive and looks amazing with its cluster of tiny leaves. It can be grown indoors because it can easily adapt to both dark spaces and bright areas. You can pick this one for one of your dining room corners for a defined area. This fluffy plant with tiny clusters is noticeable even for a distance and can survive for a really long time. All you have to do is keep the soil moist and you are done!

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