Statement Ceilings- Hottest trend of the year 2020

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Whenever we think to paint our room beautiful, vibrant colors, we do not pay attention to the ceiling. It is just the walls that we focus on. We don’t realize how massively a statement ceiling can create an impact on the whole look of the room. But now is the time to make the case for the fifth wall and not leave it in plain white color. It deserves to be transformed into a stunning piece, giving it a unique, memorable and aesthetic feel. So if you are in the mindset to make a necessary effort, we are here to help you out with the best statement ceiling ideas. There are tons of ideas from paint color to gold leaf to make the wheels of your mind spin in the right direction.

Muted Blue

This is one of those elegant ideas you can consider to incorporate in your space. Make a setting like a Scandinavian dining room for your space and paint the walls in a light grayish color. Put up a wooden dining table in a classy black color and top it up with a billowy white linen pendant. And to transform your place and give it a unique style statement, paint the ceiling in a muted light blue. It will make your neutrally looking space a bit spicy and beautifully moody.

Wood Paneling

You know what! Paint is not the only way to make ceilings look different, you can even add some warm wood tones to add warmth and coziness to the place. Paint the walls of your room in a leafy green pattern to add a cool tone and to neutralize the look add burnt-orange sectional along with a statement pendant light. The warmth and cozy feeling are further elevated by the warm wood tones of the floor, ceiling, and the built-in sofa. This whole setup would surely give a wholesome vibe to the room.

Bold Black

Definitely a classy option that will add richness and luxury to your space. It is one of those striking ideas that will give your room an architectural detail. You might be thinking that painting the ceiling in a black color might give it the illusion of being low and it is actually quite the opposite. Paint your ceilings ina painted pitch black and you can’t imagine how much grandeur and liveliness into your space. It will make your “white-box” space vibrant and classy.

Make a Stark Contrast

There are several reasons that architects suggest to add vaulted ceilings in a place. One of the main being that it make your space appear bigger and add an architectural element to it. Make a nice contrast with the bright white walls by adding a wooden vaulted ceiling in your room. Paint it in a matte, dark hue to give it a more complement feel. And when it comes to furniture, keep in a dark grayish color palette.

Tin Tiles

It is one of the most unique, out of the box and innovative ideas on this list. We are talking about tin tiles here that have drawn its inspiration from the late 1880s. The best part is they are quite affordable and also keep your space fire protected. These embossed tiles add character to the room by adding beautiful patterns to it. They are still being used because they give historic homes a modern feel. This helps in bringing that much-needed balance in a place. So what you can do is paint your tin tiles in a muddy army green tone along with muted peach walls. It will definitely look spectacular.

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