Tips for decorating a baby’s nursery or toddler’s room

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Decorating a baby’s nursery or a toddler’s room may seem a bit fun and exciting at first, but it can be truly exhausting and overwhelming. With so many things to do and consider, it’s quite obvious and natural to feel some kind of strain and pressure as you want your kid’s room to be perfect from every aspect. Hence, you try to put all your energy and effort into making the room look perfect. But with options becoming endless, choosing the best and the right thing for your kid’s room can easily start to seem both exciting and a little daunting. Whether you are trying to follow a certain theme in the room or trying to keep it very neutral and basic, either way, one should plan things accordingly depending on the various factors like the age of your kid, the style of the room and its size, the color scheme, theme, and many more things. As much as the room belongs to your kid, it is a space for adults to enjoy as well. For few initial months of becoming parents, the room is usually shared by the kid and the parents. And considering all these factors, every person should decorate their baby’s nursery or toddler’s room bearing a few tips in mind.

Childproof the room

First things first, as the baby gains mobility, the more the chances of them getting hurt accidentally increase. And to ensure the safety of your kid, childproofing the room becomes the basic need. Today there are so many products available in the market that helps in childproofing the room, such as baby gates, outlet covers, paddings for sharp corners, etc. Get them installed in the places that you think might pose a threat to your kid.

Pick a theme for the room.

Following a certain theme or crazily coordinating an adult’s bedroom may seem a bit silly but not when it comes to a baby’s room. Pick a theme that can grow with your child and will last for longer. You can totally lighten up and have fun decorating the room by adding all the elements like beautifully patterned wallpaper, a cozy rug, some artwork, and a cute chair. Some themes or motifs like animals, stripes, polka dots, and natural flora and fauna have a great staying power so you can use any of them to the walls of your kid’s room.

Add a rocking/arm chair

Like we said before, as much as the room belongs to your baby, it is space for adults to enjoy and share as well. Especially the mothers, whether they are nursing the baby or bottle feeding them having a rocking or arm chair is not essentially for the baby but the parents to use while feeding their baby. You can either opt for a sturdy and comfortable rocking chair with a footstool or you can pick a cute and comfy armchair or glider than can recline for more comfortable positioning.

Paint the room in soothing color

Not everybody is a big fan of wallpapers as they can be really hard to get rid of unless you have invested in the washable or temporary wallpaper. It’s always better to go for wall paint as it is not only available in myriad colors but are also very easy to clean. Instead of going all wild with the color of the paint, try to go for something neutral and make it as a backdrop to all the other items full of colors such as toys, artwork, curtains, etc. Since, most of the time, babies lie on their backs, so you can consider adding a touch of color to the ceiling.

It’s ok for the room to appear dark.

It’s not a Scandinavian design that you are trying to mimic in the room nor are you trying to make it appear all light and bright as this is a kid’s room we are talking about and anything that prevents too much light entering into the room would be highly appreciated. Whether it’s a nursery or toddler’s room, it’s important to have controlled lighting in the room that can mimic the nighttime anytime for your kid’s nap time. You can make the use of blackout curtains or window shades to install on the windows so you can easily fake the dark when it’s nap time for your baby during the day.

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