Utilizing a wooden ladder in unique ways

Utilizing A Wooden Ladder In Unique Ways

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There is a limited amount of time for which you can use a wooden ladder. After some years, the wood wears out and the ladder is no longer safe to climb and reach heights. At this point, people usually through the ladder or just forget about it. Although it is not useful for the purpose it was built for, you can use it for other reasons. There are so many ways you can use a ladder and decorate your house with it. It adds a natural element with a rustic touch to it. You can use these old ladders in so many ways and create a stunning and cozy interior with them. They add functionality to the house along with a great natural style.

Utilizing A Wooden Ladder

1: Two ladders into a shelving area

If you have two ladders available or if you have the one that is known as the twin step ladder then this is one of the best ways to utilize the ladders. The first step for this shelving unit is to make the shelves. This is an easy task to perform, or if you are not comfortable with it, you can always get some professional help or get the made shelves on the side needed. This will create a great display area where you can put your things on.

2: Towel area in the bathroom

Let’s add some farmhouse, natural touches to the bathroom. Use a ladder to add a new element to the room. You can clean the ladder so that there is no dirt or dust on it and then can place it in the bathroom. This can be used as a place where you can hang your towels and clothes which you can use after your shower. This utilizes the ladders, uses only some space in the bathroom, can hold a lot of clothes and towels, and is a great way to add warmth to the room.

3: Using them to make a light fixture

If you have a simple ladder and you want to make them into something unique that would take the decor of the place to another level then this is one of the ideas you can go with. Use a ladder and chain them with some lights horizontally. Make sure that all the lights and the ladder is secured properly and it can take the weight of these wires and other things. Use this as a unique light fixture over the dining table, living room, in any other part of the room.

4: Vintage two-step ladder as a side table

There are small two-step ladders that are usually made with wood. They have a rustic touch to them which you can add to the interior of the room. You can use these vintage two-step ladders and place them on the side. You can place them on the side of the bed or couch or sofa and make a cute side table. This looks super cute and warm. This ladder can also be used as a place to keep your indoor pots.

5: Wall art and picture area

Take a new way to decorate the ladder by putting it on the wall. This can be done to the ladder that cannot be used much for any other thing and then can be placed on the wall. The ladder creates an area on the wall with frames due to its steps which can be taken as an area where you can place photos, art, or even hang some artworks, wall art, and other things.


Add these ladders to get that sleek and modern farmhouse style in the house that would make your house look a lot better without much work. Just use the old and torn wooden ladder that you have in the house, things of throwing it out, but using it as a decor element. Things can serve multiple purposes and thus now you can go on can look for ways to utilize your things in the house and give them new purposes. This way you can utilize things, repurpose them and add some unique decor elements to the house. Using a ladder for photos, lights, in the bathroom and so many other places in the house makes the place look unique.

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