Where Should You Store Cozy Blankets

Where Should You Store Cozy Blankets?

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With the change in season, you need to add things to the interior to depict the ongoing season. And what else can you go for than cute and cozy blankets kept on the couch in the living room? Not only one, but you also can keep as many blankets as you like in the living room and enhance the overall look of the place. They create the room feel cozy and welcoming from the cold weather outside and help you in having amazing couch naps when you are tired or create an amazing and cozy atmosphere to have a movie marathon. These blankets are great to be in the living room but sometimes it might get a bit difficult to store them.


1: Bamboo Baskets

You can get yourself some bamboo baskets and use them as a storage option for your blankets. These bamboo baskets add a natural element int the room with the brown color of the baste and the material used in the making and thus enhances the overall look of the place. Along with being a great decor element, it can be used as a thing where you can fold and store your blankets that you can take whenever you need them. Place it in one corner of the room or near the sofa.

2: Ottomans

Ottomans are used in the living rooms as a place to sit and as decoration. But these are much more than just a simple couch to sit on. There are ottomans that have storage space in them. These spaces in these ottomans can be used as a storage area to keep your blankets. You can fold and keep all the blankets that you usually use in the living room there and then can use them whenever you need to. This will be a great multipurpose addition to the room.


3: On the Hooks

Do not have any area where you can store your cozy blankets and want to make the place look tidy? Well, you can go with the hooks on the walls. All you need to do is install some hooks on the wall near the sitting area and then hang the blankets over there so that you have a place to keep the blankets off the sofa when you are not sitting. This will keep the room clean and make the area look organized, also provide you with the space to keep the blankets.

On the Hooks

4: Open Shelves

If you have any open shelves in the living room then you can use that area properly. You can use this area in the room and use them as a place where you would keep your blankets. Fold them properly and stack them over one another on these open shelves. This helps you in organizing the space and is also a great way to utilize the space available on these open shelves.

open shelves

5: Use the Cabinets

No other area to keep the cozy blankets? No problem. Use the cabinets present in the living room. These cabinets are the ones that you can use when you need to find some space where you can keep your blankets. tuck them away in the cabinets and bring them out whenever needed thus keeping the space clean and not at all easy. You can also keep some extra blankets for guests if needed. This will make your living room stylish and sleek.


These are some ways and tips that you can use to store the blankets in the living room itself so that you can use them whenever needed and can put them in a tidy manner that would make your living room look great and clean. You cannot just leave your cozy blankets lying on the sofas or keep them stacked in a corner, you need to have a proper space that can be used as storage that would keep your room looking sleek and clean.

This will not only provide you with better decor but would also have an assigned area where you can get and keep the blankets thus making it easy for you to organize the room.

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