Ways to Make Artificial Flower Look Real for the Home Decor

Ways to Make Artificial Flower Look Real for The Home Decor

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Flowers are the most common form of decoration used by people these days. However, the beauty of real flowers is not matched against the artificial ones. Do you know there are some tricks that just work like magic to make your artificial flowers look real? Today we have gathered some points that will make your faux plants look like 100% original handpicked flowers. So let’s dive into the tips and tricks.

Some Best Artificial Flower Look Real For The Home Decor

Study the plants

Study the plants It is very important for you to understand the facts about the flowers before you install these in your home. Now, what facts you need to consider is the type of flower and its structure. Not the biological facts, just how a real flower looks, which season are they found in and most importantly the color of these flowers in your region. All plants have different structures and shapes. You need to find a replica of flowers so don’t forget that a flower’s petals are never the same. Some of them are shedder with the time and some are fallen out of the bunch. Observe the plant very root, the thickness of the stem and how do they look. If you bend the stick a little then, you will find the originality. Don’t do the mistake of placing them perfectly as real flowers never look perfect.

Preserve and Reuse

Preserve and Reuse A faux flower can be preserved for long. Thus, once the season of that flower is over, wrap it in a newspaper or a plastic bag. After that place is securely in the storeroom, don’t ever be reckless with these. These are artificial and have a better life than the real ones but they are fragile as well. So if you need to reuse it make sure you keep it nicely packed. Coming to reuse, never make the mistake of placing the same flower, in the same vase, in the same place. You need to differ them every year to give it a more refreshing look. Now it’s probably not necessary that you need the same quantity of flowers to cover a flower vase every flower pot has its own capacity. So what you can do is pluck out a few stems from the bouquet and use them in various small plant holders.

One Solid Color

One Solid Color You know how multi-shade flowers are available at grocery markets and one color flower has various shades. You need to take a solid color flower because if the colors aren’t smudged in properly it will look like fake flowers. Thus, when you see a solid color flower stem go grab a few to be placed at home. One-color not only looks great but adds a real charm to the dining or living room.

Uneven Numbers Stems

Uneven Numbers Stems The real benefit of buying a faux flower stems is that you always have the return option. Unfortunately, you don’t get this option with the real flowers. Thus, if you see the placement of real flower you will observe how there aren’t any fixed numbers; it all depends upon the size of your vase and the flower. If you have a bulky flower 5 stems will fill it’s nicely. However, the same vase can occupy 10-11 flower sticks when it comes to small and thin flower branches.

Separate Flowers

Separate Flowers When you purchase artificial flowers most of the time you will find it in the bouquet. It’s rare you find the stems thus; you need to cut it with the help of wire cutter. The make sure that you don’t cut them in a perfect manner, make them uneven, and don’t give it finishing at the end of the tip. As when you put them in a transparent vase the tips are visible and evenly cut tips give it a fake look. Make sure there are some buds in the flower vase as well. Now, if you are using a translucent vase then, you must add on some water to it so that the illusion of real flowers is created.

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