Decoration for the Accent Wall of Living Room

Decoration for the Accent Wall of Living Room

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The first opening room of any home is the living room. You love to spend time with friends and family here as this is the biggest room of all. Moreover, the things in this room are just nearby, there is ample sitting in this area. You have got cushions, sofas, and chairs, enough room for everyone to sit around and share a lovely conversation. This room shared lots and lots of friendly, adorable memories that you cherish a lifetime long. However, all these lovely memories are more refreshing when you have an amazing decor on the walls. So today we will discuss some of the amazing ideas which will lighten up your living room.

Decoration for the Accent Wall

Window Art

Window Art Usually, living rooms have a big ceiling thus, if the windows are a little small than the size of the ceiling creates an awkward decor. So what you can do in these scenarios is place some curtains which are big and sort of hit that right to the floor, this will cover up the wall making it look in symmetry with the ceiling. Apart from that if you place the curtain rod higher than it’s supposed to be than again you will give a symmetrical impression. Thus, keep this window curtain placement in mind while decorating your living room.

Panel Art

Panel Art You know how on redecorating home people tend to get rid of the old window panels and photo frames. As per the size of the wall gather some of these window panels and wooden frames. Place them on the wall with the help of plaster or cement. Now pant the wall with one solid color.

Now, you can paint it one solid or you can color various shade in the windows and frames center. Else, you can also color a solid dark color such as olive or blue on the wall and color the boundaries of the frame with the help of a glitter paints, such as gold or silver. If you have painted it blue then white border frames could give a nice look as well.

Spring Art

Spring Art All of us know the spring season is full of colors and flowers blooming everywhere. Worry not, I am not going to suggest you to draw some flowers on the wall and paint them. Instead, I am going to ask you to play with rainbow colors. Fetch 4-5 quarter tint paint and injections springs not the needles. Now, what you have to do is insert the injections in the tin cans and draw some paint in it.

Now, from the top of the ceiling start to release the spring paint, it will fall on as the liquid will on the floor. Thus, use this to cover the whole wall using different colors every time. The lines will be in symmetry in the begging but will roll out here and there from the bottom. Now, to check which color symmetry is going to look good use some paper and perform the art on it. Follow the color combination you like the best.

Garlands Art

Garlands Art As you know garlands are the cute decorations, we have been using to decorate our home during the festival season. But what if we could just sprinkle some garlands on the wall. So firstly paint a dark color on the accent wall such as black, olive, and mustard. Now, make some cute garlands with the help of yarn or paper as you like and stick it together.

At last, you just have to place it on the wall near the windows. You can buy some garlands online. There are some beautiful bunches or faux green branch or flower stem. Use them and to add beauty to the accent wall of your living room. There are tassels garlands that look extremely cool in various neutral shades. You can add a big quote in the center of the wall and move these garlands around.

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