Best Ideas For Lighting Kitchen Space

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The kitchen is an integral entity of anyone’s home. Lighting kitchen is important for work to go smoothly. It doesn’t need a room for itself but just the things set up at a place very well qualify for one. Since a lot of time is spent in this area, you have to make sure that everything runs smooth and under effective lighting or your eyes will strain and things become a little vulnerable in the kitchen when the light is not right. For this, you will need the right lighting system to incorporate into your kitchens.

Let us have a look at the best ideas for lighting kitchen space.


  1. Enough Sunlight

Yes, this lighting mechanism comes naturally to all of us but, it depends on the interior of our homes as to how much of this light would be allowed in the kitchen or any space in the whole house. It is suggested to install bigger windows in the kitchen so that you can work properly during the day without any hassle. This lighting is also free and will support it till evening.

enough sunlight

  1. Pendant Lights

These are the types you would want to consider:

  • Lampshaded style lights
  • Lights in a designer metal frame
  • Morrocan hanging lights
  • Inverted cups and cones made of metals

Hanging pendant lights create focus wherever you place them, which could be the kitchen countertop or dining space. It is always nice to stick to one style when using multiple. Keep it minimal for lighting the kitchen, choose a wise size.

Pendant Lights

  1. Hanging Bulbs

Bulbs are a subliminal kind of lighting, the brightness of the light varies according to your very own taste. If you think that keeping it subtle will bring more richness to your kitchen interior, you can choose to hang bulbs from the ceiling near your workspace. You can utilize them when it is dark outside and you have minimum work left. They are as pretty as you want and require little work.

Hanging Bulbs

  1. Recessed Lights

Effective lighting comes to your kitchen with recessed lights. They are cool because:

  • They can be placed wherever you want them to be.
  • They can be used with any other fancy light(s).
  • They provide all-rounded lighting when grouped systematically.
  • They can be task-oriented.
  • They are clean and hassle-free.
  • They look dazzling on every surface; metal, cement, or wood.

recessed lights

  1. Sconces

Sconce lights are great for bringing more focus to certain key areas of the workspace. They can also be solely used for decoration around the kitchen door or at the end of the kitchen cabinet, or near the washing area for lighting the kitchen. Working at night becomes much easy because of the strength of sconce lighting. They can be utilized for drawing attention to your racks and kitchen accessories apart from subtly lighting the kitchen.


  1. Drum Chandeliers

Not too big, just small sparkly ones hung in a regular fashion like the pendant lights right over the dining table is a good way to light up the area. They come in many varieties, you can choose one or two for yourself. They aren’t always as grandiose as other kinds of chandeliers.

drum chandelier

If you are looking for building a beautiful cooking space for yourself or looking to renovate one, you understand how important this part of your house is. It requires an eagle eye to fetch the details in the kitchen that requires alteration. The very first calling is whether there is sufficient lighting providing for the cooking to happen. An airy, ventilated, and spacier kitchen is a total heart-throb but the way your workspace is lit decides how fast you work and if you are enjoying it or not.

So, invest in a good amount of lighting first in your kitchen, fancy things come second!

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