Ways to Add Positive Vibes With Feng Shui

Ways to Add Positive Vibes With Feng Shui

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Feng shui is the practice of making a balance in the house with all the elements in the world. This is to make your home feel balanced and has a positive aura that makes the interior feel soothing and in harmony. This is a Chinese practice that has gained a lot of fame. The practice is now being used by a lot of interior designers and people who are now looking up to feng shui when they are decorating their homes.

This practice not only makes the house seem calm and peaceful but also balances the overall energy of the place and thus helps you in making your house feel welcoming to new people. You should learn about ways that you can add feng shui to the decor and elevate your mood.

Look at these ways to add positive vibes with Feng Shui.


1: Clutter Free

One of the foremost things to do when you are looking for ways to add feng shui to the house is by making the place clutter-free. You cannot have a soothing aura in a messy place. People tend to accumulate things that are of no function in the house and that leads to the formation of clutter thus you should remove all those things and clean the space to have positive energy.

clutter free

2: Sustaining Energy

Sometimes the design of the house makes it feel cold or warm. This can also be associated with the energy present in the house. If you want to have positive energy in the house for a while then you should not have the entry and exit doors in a direct line of sight. This might make the energy enter and leave the house quickly and leave the house cold. To have a cozy atmosphere, you can plan the doors in such a way that there are things in between the entry door and the exit door that would keep the energy inside.

Sustaining Energy

3: No Stairs at the Entrance

Try not to have a staircase right next to the entryway, instead of that you can have a nice mudroom or entryway that leads to the living room. You can also decorate the staircase with some artwork or any other thing that would make your house look and feel better. If you do have a staircase right in front of the entry door then what you can do is add things in the area that would let you have a break when moving around such as a painting or a table.

No Stairs at the Entrance

4: Balance of Elements

The five elements, namely, fire, earth, air, metal, and water can be used in the house in various ways. You can have these elements together in the house in many ways. It is not always to have them physically. You can have them in more of a symbolic manner such as using warm shades for the fire element or having a fireplace and having cool tones in the house for the water. You have to balance these elements in the house to have a positive effect.

balance of elements

5: No Broken Things

You should never keep things that can add a negative vibe to the place. There are several things that almighty give you negative energy and this might cause a disbalance in the energies in your house. Also never keep broken things in the house. You should clean things regularly and see to it that there are no negative or broken things in the house that might cause your house to have bad energy. To feel positive and warm, clean the areas and remove any negative things.

No Broken Things

These are some of the many feng shui elements that you need to keep in mind when you start with the renovation of the house or when you are decorating the house. This can change the house’s entire look and make your place seem lovely and wonderful. There are so many different kinds of elements in feng shui that can help you in creating a beautiful house with such excellent elements. This is not about changing the entire structure of the house but is all about creating a better environment. You can go for any kind of decor style and incorporate feng shui within it in the house.

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