Creative ideas to use your room features for maximizing space

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You might have come across a lot of Bedrooms organizing ideas and might have used some of them. But this set of organizing tips is something that requires minimal effort because these things are already a part of your bedroom. All you have to do is, not overlook their importance and use them in the best possible way. These tips involve using your headboard, footboard, nightstands and other features that are already a part of your room. Use all of them to maximize your space and make the most of your room. This will not only turn out to be a utility idea but also an aesthetically driven idea.

Maximize Wall space

The walls of your room are the best way to utilize your space and maximize your storage aesthetically. This is because the walls are left empty but they can be used to maximize your storage space just how you like. This wall space can be used to hang floating shelves and open shelves in creative designs. It can be wood or glass- whatever you like. This shelf can be then used to place your books, hats, utility things, etc. When you have a small bedroom, you have to get creative. And so, the best way to be creative is to use the available wall space. You can also pick one corner, hang a curtain there and use the space behind to hang your shoes on hooks. This will become your own walk-in closet! Wall cubbies are a modern way to display your knick-knacks as well as important items.

Creative Headboard Storage

Headboards of your bed also come in fancy styles now and some of them are even utility-driven. This means that either they have overhead space or hollow space inside which can be used further to store your essentials. So, you should not let this feature of your bedroom go. Take advantage of the headboard storage space by incorporating shelving. You can place your books, showpiece, illuminating lamps, succulent plants, and your favorite framed photos on this shelving. You can also use the hollow space in a headboard to keep your cushions, unused clothes, and bedding accessories. A headboard will be the best option for maximizing storage.

Footboard Storage is also a thing

If you have utilized your headboard storage, then you should know that footboard storage is also a thing. Utilize the space at the foot of your bed for additional storage bu placing Cubbies and baskets under the bed. This way you can stock up less-used items as well as your shoes under the bed in cabinets and drawers. You can even make your own drawers and cubbies from left out wooden materials. This is one of the best DIY ideas for using the space in your bedroom. Another way is to pick a chest and place it on the foot of your bed towards the front. This chest will not only look charming but will also make for a classy and vintage look. Spruce up your room with a footboard and save even more space parallelly.

A utility Nightstand

A nightstand is something that is placed on the side of your bed. This is used for placing your essential items and decor pieces like succulent, flower vase, lamps, a book or even a photo frame. This way your bedside looks even more beautiful. Inspired from the bygone days, nightstands are usually seen to be in the same height as your bed. But who said this is a rule? If you’re searching for a smart organization idea for your bedroom, then you can always pick an aesthetic nightstand that is long enough to stack all your things. But don’t clutter all the things on this nightstand. It should look pretty even after you have placed your things. So, be smart in this placement and pick the right utility items for this nightstand.

Invest in storage ottoman

An ottoman is one of the best furniture that you can use for your space. It adds vibrancy to your room and also looks pretty in bright tones. You anyway have to pick a seating for your room so if you pick this storage ottoman, it will not only maximize space but will also bring an aesthetic sense in your room. These beautiful and practical pieces of furniture are a great way to stash those extra items that you do not use on a daily.

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