Decorating The Kitchen In Tuscan Style

Decorating The Kitchen In Tuscan Style

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Tuscany is known for its culture, cuisine, fine wine, landscapes and so much more. If you want to capture the essence of Tuscany and want to have some Italian influence in your house, you can do that by decorating the kitchen in Tuscan style. Tuscan style has a lot of natural elements in the decor and provides you with the Italian influence that you are missing. There are so many things that you can include in your kitchen and have a beautiful Italian kitchen. Get some rustic pieces and some eye-catching accents that would make the space wonderful and pleasant to be in and to cook and have meals there. Look for all the different things that you can incorporate into the kitchen so that you can have a nice and pleasant Tuscan-style kitchen.

Kitchen In Tuscan Style

1: Earthy color palette

It is important to decorate the area with the theme you have decided. Here if you are decorating the kitchen in the Tuscan style you need to look for the colors that go well and that are usually used in this kitchen. This style of kitchen focuses more on natural elements and to make the place look earthy and natural you can add earthy tones in the kitchen. These colors will create a nice natural vibe to the place and help in decorating the kitchen in the Tuscan style.

2: Wooden cabinets around the kitchen

As mentioned before, this style incorporates a lot of natural elements and also a lot of nature thus you can see the use of wood in these kitchens a lot. You can use wooden panels on the floor, use wood to decorate the walls, use wooden tables and other things. Here you are using wooden cabinets all across the kitchen. Tuscan kitchens have a lot of cabinets and these cabinets are made of wood.

3: Put some plants on the shelves

Nature is important in this style and thus along with decorating the place with earthy colors and wooden elements you can also use some plants and put them in the kitchen. You can plant some herbs such as mint and basil and place them in the kitchen. This way you can use these herbs when needed and they also provide you with nice color and decor elements that keep the area fresh and vibrant. You can also place some vines outside the kitchen window for decor.

4: Use stone or printed tiles for the backsplash

The Backsplash area is a nice focal point in the kitchen that you should not ignore. This is the area that can get most splashes and stains from the food and thus you need to avoid using paint here and use something easy to clean and remove stains and splashes from. But at the same time, while thinking about cleaning the area, you also need to look for the ones that enhance the place. You can decorate the backsplash of the kitchen with some printed tiles or with some stone that can create a nice decor and enhance the look.

5: Get a good quality stove and pizza oven

You need to have a wonderful professional stove and a pizza oven in this Tuscan decor kitchen. It is a must to have a pizza oven if you are decorating an Italian-styled kitchen. You can get a nice woodfire oven or the normal one and create some delicious pizzas and other dishes. It is a must to have a nice and good quality stove in this Tuscan decor kitchen.


Now you know some of the elements that are important in a Tuscan-style kitchen and ways how you can incorporate them into your kitchen. In this kitchen, you can add as much Tuscan decor to make the place comfortable and cozy for you. This is the place where you are going to cook all your meals and this is the place where you are going to have a meal. This is the room where you need to be at ease so that you can cook properly. Thus you need to make sure that this is the style that you are going after and that it is pleasant to work in this Italian-style kitchen. Create delicious meals here.

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