Home decorating rules you should stop following RN!

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Home decor rules can prove to be really helpful unless and until they truly are doing justice to your home. While there are some areas and parts in your house that do need to follow the rules but there also some that don’t usually require you to follow these absurd yet most conventional rules. In cases, where hanging the chandelier correctly or properly sampling the paint is concerned, you ought to follow these rules but when it comes to decorating a space by following the rules that were only meant for aesthetic reasons, then you have no solid reason to blindly follow them. Sometimes, the way to decorating your house gorgeously and outstandingly is taking the most creative risk which also means flouting some of the most followed home decor rules in the process that supposedly work equally well or even better for your home when not followed. And before you start breaking them, it’s better to learn all about those rules so that you can make informed and smart choices in the future.

Everything has to match with each other

Well, this is quite a misconception that in order to make your home look more neat, tidy and organized, you will have to keep the color palette all similar. This trend now has been less important than it has ever been. To make your space look more beautiful and stunningly gorgeous, you should let some things look a little random and natural. The key to making it work is keeping the decor slightly unintentional so that everything doesn’t look too obvious. The colors of your interior do not have to match entirely; you can certainly play with different hues that pair along well to add visual interest and aesthetic appeal to your house.

Never mix metals

Adding metallic accents is one of the easiest and most stunning ways to instantly boost the overall appearance of your room and make it look more defined and stylish. Many people believe that mixing and matching different metals and finishes together doesn’t work favorably for your house, well, we would like to bust this myth as there’s no such written rule that every other metal in your room has to match with each other. You can absolutely make use of different metals and finishes; just make sure that their sheens match well with each other. For instance, if you’re choosing shiny chrome fixtures for your room then you can match it with another metal in a shiny finish like brass to ace this decor style.

Not to use dark colors in small rooms

This is probably the most believed decor rules that people find to be very reliable. While the trick of painting the small room in the light shade does work amazingly well in enlargening the space but this rule is quite outdated now. And we want you to stop following this rule right away unless you actually want to make your space appear larger. In the process of making a room appear bigger and larger, we often ended up compromising lots of things when it came to the decor. Stop being the sheep in a flock and just follow the kind of design you want in the room and how you want to make it appear. You surely can paint the room in dark colors, as long as you have made the right choice.

Trims should always be painted white


There’s no hard and fast rule that the trims or the molding of the rooms always have to be in white color. Although the color white looks very crisp and complements almost all the paint colors on the wall, you need to stop believing that no other color works equally well for these areas. You obviously can work your way with different colors to make the room look more edgy. Whether you paint the trims in dark neutral colors or any other color, either way, you will be making quite a statement with the decor choice you would be making for your room. Pairing a dark neutral colored trim and molding with light neutral colored walls will make for a fantastic and bold choice.

Ceilings should always be white

This is quite similar to the above-stated part, gone are the times when the ceiling was supposed to look its typical self and always have to be painted in white shade. Today, you can make the ceiling of your room to act as an accent wall and there can be no better way to make it look one than painting it in a shade other than white. To add a bit of drama and a pop of color into the room, your ceiling could just be the way of doing it rightly. Painting your ceiling is a big commitment, therefore, be very sure of the color you will be choosing for the room and you can always use some samples just to be sure.

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