How to Get Rid of Moths in the House

How to Get Rid of Moths in the House?

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We all have been tired of moths in the house. There are different kinds of moths one that would eat the natural fibers such as your clothes and can thus cause small little holes in your clothes or the ones that would be there in the pantry, eating grains and flour. They are harmless but frustrating. These small creatures can cause a bit of a problem such as eating your clothes and causing damage or just irritating you while flying at the party. It is necessary to get rid of these moths in the house so that you do not have to deal with them in any part of your house and can have a clean and moth-free pantry and wardrobe.

Here is how to get rid of moths in the house. Read on!


1: Keeping Sealed

One of the foremost things to do when you are looking for ways to keep moths away from your house is to keep things closed and sealed so that there is no way they can get to any grain or cloth. Usually, these moths go for open grains and dry flour which you can store in airtight containers thus keeping them sealed. Also when it comes to clothes they go for warm clothes thus when you are not wearing them, store them in vacuumed packers or in a tight box.

Keeping Sealed

2: Herb Sachets

Another way you can keep these frustrating moths away is by creating herb sachets. These sachets would have strong-smelling herbs such as rosemary, cloves, and others that would create an overwhelming fragrance for the moths and thus would help in keeping them at bay. These herbs are easily available and you can make these sachets at home with a thin fabric. Make sure to change the herbs after some time when you feel the fragrance fading.

Herb Sachets

3: Cleaning

You can keep your house clean as these moths can get attracted to the dirt and dust in the house, especially the ones that are on soft and warm surfaces such as carpets, sofas, and so on. Thus to avoid getting moths in the house you need to clean your house regularly. You need to get rid of any dirt or dust and vacuum all the places in the house from carpets to nooks and corners to make sure there is no germ there.


4: Moth Traps

If there are too many moths in the house and they cannot be handled with the DIY versions then you might need to take help from moth traps. These are traps that can get rid of moths of large quality. They have pheromones that can help them attract the moths and have a sticky surface where the moth gets stuck. This can be used in different areas of the house. All you need to do is use these traps and place them in the areas where they are.

moth trap

5: Cedar

This has repellent properties and thus can be used to keep moths away. You can use cedar to keep moths at bay. There are several ways you can use this effective element by either keeping the cedar blocks in the drawers or can use this to create a spray that you can spray over the clothes or the drawers where you get to see so many moths. This has repellent properties and thus can help you in keeping moths away from your clothes, pantry, and your house.


These are some of the ways you can use to get rid of moths in the house. Some of these ways can easily be DIY in the house and some can be bought from the store. It is high time you say goodbye to these irritating moths in the house that would do harm to your grains and clothes. Not only the harm but also how dirty it looks when they are flying out of an enclosed space making your house seem bad. There are so many other insects that can also get inside the house and make it look untidy and thus it is your responsibility to take care of your house and to make sure that there is no insect in the house and the space is tidy.

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