ways to use bar soaps at home

Ways to Use Bar Soaps at Home

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While people are moving towards liquid soap and body washes, you cannot abandon the old traditional bar soap. There are many ways to use bar soaps that can ease your work in the house. These soaps can even be used to create liquid soap. Being such a versatile thing, you should not abandon them and have them in your house so that you can use them whenever possible. There are plain and scented soaps that can be used in the house. Bar soap comes in handy in various issues in the house and can help in decorating the house in an easier way. Here are some of the ways you can use them.

Have a look at the ways to use bar soaps at home.


1: Freshen Up the Area

If you have a smelly area such as your car, your closet, shoes, or any other small area in the house you can use a small portion of bar soap and cover it with a small cloth. This can then be used as a freshener and can then provide a nice fragrance to the place. You can go with some small pieces and can place in in the drawers and also your smelly shoes. This is one of the unique use of bar soap.

Freshen Up the Area

2: Assembling Furniture

When you are taking furniture from one place to another, assembling those DIY furniture with all the screws and nuts, and putting the drawers in all these might get a bit tedious. The friction between each surface makes it difficult to move, assemble and place things. But you can make things a lot easier with the help of a bar of soap. The soap can be used on rough and dry surfaces or drawers and can then make it easy to move, can be used on the teeth of the handsaw, or can be used on the screw to move easily.

Assembling Furniture

3: Easy Paint Removal

If you are looking for easy and effective ways to remove paint then this is one of them. All you need to do is apply some soap on the windows and the panels where you do not want to paint and then after you have done your job you can easily remove the splatters of paint with a cloth. The soap creates a layer between the window or the wood and the paint and thus makes it easy to remove it without taping. Taping is effective too but it takes time.

easy paint removal

4: No Foggy Mirrors

Are you tired of having foggy mirrors after your shower? If so then this is the hack for you. If you want to have a clear and no fog shower then you need to get a bar soap and use it on the mirror. Rub it on the mirror and remove the excess left with a clean cloth. You can see properly in the mirror. This creates a layer that does not let fog sit on the glass and thus you get yourself a fog-free mirror.

No Foggy Mirrors

5: DIY Liquid Soap

You can use the bar soaps to make yourself liquid soap. You can save some money with the help of this bar soap and use it to create liquid soap. Use shaved soaps which can be done with the help of a grater and put them in boiling water. After it cools down you can place it in the dispenser and store it as well. This can be used as your soap. Stored soap can be used whenever needed, thus providing you with a large amount of soap.

DIY Liquid Soap

The list provides you with some of the many helpful ways you can use bar soaps. There are so many things that can be worked effortlessly when you apply a small amount of soap to it. These bar soaps can come in handy in difficult situations, they can create a smooth surface to slide things and help in removing a lot of dirt and germs. The scented bars help in adding fragrance to the area, refreshing the room. You can even create your own bar soap that would provide you with all the elements you need, whether it be fragrance, moisturizer, or something else.

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